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Does this look like body acne or possibly something worse?

In the last few months, I've noticed that I've periodically gotten a few (one at a time) spots that appear to just be really bad pimples, either right below my belly button or on the top of my thigh. Each of them came and went in about 7-10 days. I have one right now that seems bigger and more painful than the others, and it is right on my thigh (basically under where front jeans pockets).

About 8 months ago, I had a few encounters with a girl who did have geneital herpes - there was never any intercourse involved, primarily her giving me oral sex and some dry humping (still with underwear on). However there would have been little contact from me to her genital area.

I have had intercourse with 3 different girls, all 3 times with a condom. 1 person I knew well and am relatively positive that they are clean, the other 2 I did not know very well. The 3rd person was just a week ago, and this pimple (at least I'm hoping it's a pimple) has appeared since then. I'm hoping it's ok to post a picture to it, because even though it's an ugly-looking pimple, I want to make sure that it doesn't look like herpes or signs of anything else. I'm planning on getting tested ASAP but I would appreciate any advice on whether this does just look like body acne or if it could be a sign of something worse.

Picture: http://img375.imageshack.us/i/photo2af.jpg/
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To describe the bump/pimple a little more, it is definitely swollen (more so than when I took the picture), red, and very painful.  It is tender to the touch, and definitely feels warm, which seems to indicate maybe an infected ingrown hair to me, but I'd appreciate other people's input.  
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we don't look at pictures here. why not is explained in our read before posting post on this forum.

odds are this isn't genital herpes but follow up on it properly to find out what it is for peace of mind.

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Thanks for the reply....I apologize for not reading that post first - my picture is just of my thigh, but I can definitely understand why the policy is in place.  I might just be freaking myself out here and overanalyzing things, but a little bit ago I noticed some tiny (size of a pin head) bumps on the inner crease of where I am circumcised.  It seems like that area is normally kind of bumpy because of the nature of the skin there, but some of the bumps do look to be white and maybe a sign of herpes?  I am planning on going to a clinic here on Tuesday (unfortunately Monday is a holiday so I have to freak out 24 hours longer).  The bumps don't seem to hurt or anything, but I'm getting more and more nervous.
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[I wish I could edit my posts instead of having to add a whole new post] I'm really sorry to post again....I got myself more worked up about the tiny bumps but when I looked again, it looks like they are pretty much uniformly around along the crease of the circumcision and do just appear to be relatively normal appearance of the skin, but I suppose anything is possible.  Like I said, I'm planning on going to a clinic as soon as they're open, but I think I'm a little relieved that I'm not seeing just a small patch of these bumps, and that they're uniformly around....but I'm still not sure :-/
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you sure these aren't pearly papules which are normal?

let us know how your appointment turns out. not many clinics closed monday, more of a bank and gov't worker holiday :)

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