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Dull pain on penis tip

Hi, I've been having a dull pain on my penis tip, no discharge or anything. The pain comes and goes throughout the day.
I decided to go do a STI screening and the results all came back negative for gonnorhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis b,c.

Anyone experience the same thing, is this a STI? Or some other test I should go for?

Thanks in advance
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Did you have any sexual exposure that could point you got a STD that is causing you that pain ?
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I've always have protected vaginal sex with the occasion of unprotected oral sex (receiving)
Unprotected oral sex can give you NGU, which is an infection in the urethra. Normal mouth bacteria can cause it. You should follow up with your doctor and find out if they tested you for this. They look for white blood cells in your urine. If they did, and it's negative, continue to work with your doctor. Pain in the tip of your penis can be a sign of inflammation or infection in your prostate.
I will go and have it tested
So is this NGU considered a STD?
It can be, but it can also be caused by other things - http://www.ashasexualhealth.org/stdsstis/ngu/

It is nongonococcal urethritis - NGU - so it really means any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea. Some call it NSU, or non-specific urethritis, meaning there is an infection, but the cause isn't determined. Sometimes the cause isn't ever determined, and others the cause can be determined with further testing.

Since you only had unprotected oral, the causes are limited, at least sexually - chlamydia isn't spread orally, for example - but it could be a non-sexual cause.

Let us know what happens.

So i went to the doctor and he thinks it's balantitis...
Huh, not what I would have thought, based on your description, but he examined you and would know more so than I would.

How are you treating it?
The doctor gave me some cream to apply on the affected area for 14 days

I was a bit skeptical, so I went back to testing clinic but they do not offer the NGU test, however the nurse examined me and told that there is no visible signs of balanitis and told me to stop apply the cream.
The nurse told me to do redo a Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test just to re-confirm and probably  ask the same doctor to for a referral to a urologist.

Yes, balanitis is usually diagnosed visually because the symptoms can be seen. (If you ever look that up, some of the pics are extreme, and they sure are NSFW.)

Did you retest today? When will you get those results back?
I retested yesterday and the results came back this morning and it's still negative for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

That's good news. I'd still suggest getting tested for NGU, and if that's negative, you might want to see a urologist. You might want to start there, anyway.
thanks, i am searching a clinic that does NGU testing.

Just a question about NGU testings, I've read that NGU is 1/3 caused by Chlamydia and the rest by other baterials . Let say if I go get tested and it comes back positive, the NGU cannot be from Chlamydia since I've tested negative for it...am i correct?
Yes, that's correct. Many times, the actual source isn't known.

If you are in the UK or other places in Europe, maybe Canada, they may call it NSU, or non-specific urethritis. That may help in finding a clinic.
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