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Fear reducion through understanding risk

I had brief unprotected anal sex with a tansgender person and would like to better understand my STD risks. This was the second time having sex with this person but the first without protection. I was the penatrator not the recipient.

My partner claimed to be clean but had not had a test in 3 or so months and is very sexual active with multiple other partners. In an effort to fulfill a fantasy I initially penetratated my partners anus using a lot of lube unprotected then had second thoughts and put on a condom. We had lengthy vigorous protected sex and on my partners suggestion/insistence I removed my condom and repenetrated her anus in order to ejaculate. I would say the final entry last 20 seconds. There was no other sexual contact or kissing.

She had no visible symptoms. I am now however experiencing a significant amount of anxiety surrounding my exposure and would like to get an idea of my risk level. So I am turning to the fine folks here to talk me down. Should I be significantly concerned? Should I take a home STD test kit? Absent symptoms, how long do I need to be concerned for?
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I would be concerned and I would test.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia-1 week
Syphilis-6 weeks
HIV-DUO test 28 days and/or antibody test 8 week
Herpes-8 weeks

Sorry but when you don't use a condom you have a risk.
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Thanks for the quick response. Doesn't help me feel any better but does confirm my thoughts.
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Sorry, he to give the truth.
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