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Gonnorrhea or UTI?

So, my girlfriend and I had protected sex, as I used a condom. About a week later, I started experiencing burning during urination and then later, discharge. There's no blood in my urine, just occasional discharge. These are my only symptoms. The discharge wasn't immediate, but developed later on. We have had unprotected sex before, but back then, I didn't experience any symptoms.(yes I know, you don't need to experience symptoms to have an STD). I got Chlamydia about 5 years ago, but it was treated properly. Could there be a flare up from that?  I'm just confused. I also really hope I don't give my girlfriend an STD. She is so wonderful.
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this is definitely not the chlamydia that you got 5 years ago. best to get it tested out with your gf as well
She is definitely getting test and I am as well tomorrow.
*tested, that is.
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hi im 27 years old i used condoms with my girl she insists but it broke one time next day she was all itchy and peeing would burn she went to the er n they treated her for stds and also done a culture test said nothing but a uti  and bacteria infection but she too was treated well still using condoms but my pines is got a discharge again and i went to hospital 3 weeks ago and again was treated it went away still have not had intercourse what could it be please help
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