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Gonorrhea treatment-now feeling worse

So I recently tested positive for Gonorrhea and was treated with Azithromycin (1gram), and Rochephin (dose I couldnt see). The morning after I woke up to severe flu-like symptoms and a fever of 103. Other symptoms were severe headache, malaise, GI pain but most importantly lower back pain on both sides near my kidneys. This pain was so severe I was unable to sleep on my back. The next day I woke to a slightly reduced fever 101, but now have severe neck pain on both sides near the middle of my sternocleidomastoid muscle but slightly lateral and posterior. It is so bad I am unable to move my neck. My partner was also treated, however several days before. No sex was exchanged up to the writing of this statement. I am worried this is HIV related now as flu-like symptoms after Gonorrhea are dismal. Please let me know what to do. I am getting re-tested but is the initial flu-like phase of HIV this bad. The last time I felt this bad was when I had Mono.
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What was your exposure with your partner?
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Hi there -

We'd urge you to go to the doctor to get checked. Please note we are not saying this is HIV (we don't know your exposure, and the timing, etc., and HIV ARS doesn't typically cause kidney issues), but any fever that high and pain this severe needs to be evaluated by a doctor promptly.

This could be indicating many things, including a kidney infection, so please get this checked, or a side effect from one of the meds you were given.


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