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Grace please answer

I have a question, I know that is silly but here it goes.  A couple of days of I graduated with my MS of Biology (why i feel dumb) and received like 20plus cheek kisses from various people some family, some family of friends.  I am a phobic about STDS.  Scared to death of herpes....(crying now)

What is my risk of contracting oral herpes from the check pecks if one had a sore.  It was so dark that I couldn't do a visual scan like I would normally do.  I took infectious diseases this semester and wrote a thesis on HSV 1 so i have almost too much info.  Please help me.  I know that I am crazy...darn class.  I took the blood antibody test like five months ago....of course before the cheek kissing hell.  I know that i need help.
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Sweetie you know it's not herpes - it's a brain tumor ;)   Yeah we all get paranoid once we learn a little bit about medicine.  You are being overly paranoid about all this. you are far more likely to contract the common cold thru this than anything else.

Why are you so paranoid about such a common virus that you aren't likely to make it thru life without?

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I dont know :(  but that class two semesters ago scared me to death.  Sometimes i get so freaked out th at my heart races and i cant sleep.  i don't know why i'm so scared  :(    Thanks so much for responding back.  You made me feel so much better.  

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