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HPV? Herpes? Tiny bump on penis

Hi all

I was examining myself today and I noticed this tiny raised bump on my penis shaft. When left alone, you couldn't even tell that it's there. When I stretch the skin, and put it by hard light, I can clearly see it.

There is only one spot. Earlier last week I experienced what I think was friction burn immediately after a sexual encounter. Just sore from the rubbing against clothes, etc. I don't think this is related to that, as this area with the dot was not affected. There is only one of them. I don't have any other dots anywhere else on my groin, penis, or scrotum.

I'm very worried its herpes or HPV. But there is no pain here, no other symptoms other than the visible spot.

Here are two links to images:

Any thoughts on what this could be?
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It is just a papule. Not serious.
Observe for some time, if there are any changes, go see a doctor.
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That's what I thought too. Do PPP's live on the shaft as well? I have been reading everything I can on it, but all I could find is that PPP only lives on/right under the head of the penis.

I thought it could be Fordyce spots, but I have those as well. This bump feels more "on top" of the skin, rather beneath, if that makes any sense.
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If anyone else could please help, my anxiety has left me shaken to the core over this and I won't be able to see a doctor until Wednesday due to the New Year. Thank you
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PPPs don't typically appear on the shaft. https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1058826-overview

Obviously, only a doctor will be able to tell you what this is.

Let's go "worst case scenario", and say it's a wart from HPV - then what? Lots of doctors in the field feel like HPV is an inevitability for sexually active people with more than 1 partner - something like 90% will have it in their lifetimes. Yes, it can lead to some problems, but for the VAST majority, it clears from the body within a couple of years, and causes no problems.

If it is HPV, and I am not a doctor and can't tell you that it is, and I didn't look at your pics, either, then it's not from your most recent encounter. The incubation period for HPV is 2 weeks to 8 months, with the majority appearing 2-3 months after infection. I don't know how active you are with how many partners, but many people never know who they get it from.

Again - I'm not diagnosing you. I'm on a work computer so don't look at penis pics. I also can't diagnose, so I don't look at pics. I just want to help you not be "shaken to the core". Whatever it is, you'll be just fine. :)  
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Oh and a single, painless bump that you have to search for isn't herpes. You can rule that out. :)
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Update: it is HPV!
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