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HPV from Cunninglus?

How likely is it to get HPV from Cunninglus? I have tested negative 3 times for every testable male std, hiv, hep, syph, hsv1, hsv2, gon, chlam all of that all negative (1 month, 2 month and 3 months). My mind was at rest until I started reading about HPV. My encounter was prob a high risk encounter? Stripper at a bachelor party, couldn't see any lesions, warts and no abnormal smell or anything. It has been over 3.5 months, I do not have any warts, lesions, cant see anything in the back of my throat aside from my taste buds. My only symptom that I've had is a sore throat for the past 2 months. Ive taken a weeks worth of antibiotics(amoxicillin) and still having sore throat issues, red, veining, scratchy. Just curious about HPV. Thanks for your time.
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Hi if she did not have any warts then you cant get HPV. There is no test for this for men.
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Hi @Life360_Dave Would you show signs if you had hpv?
Would you show any signs or symptoms if you had it in the throat?
Currently I don’t think anyone has a concrete answer on the possibility of infection or transfer rate of HPV from genital to mouth or mouth to genital. HPV can be passed from genitals to mouth, but at what riskier rate I’ve not seen. Lesions or cancer can be a factor of HPV of the throat.
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