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HSV 2 IgG result of 1.24... very worried

I recently have went to get screened for STDs just to be safe and was shocked to find out my HSV 2 IgG came out at 1.24. Above 1.1 is considered positive but this has me really worried. I know that hsv 2 is transmitted by skin to skin contact but I've never had unprotected sex with any of my partners. My most recent partners with intercourse were the end of April and beginning of June and i got my results June 20th. I've had many skin to skin instances with someone else but never noticed any sores or possible infection from her. I went back for a follow up with my doctor and told him if there is a chance of it being a false positive even though my HSV 1 IgG came back at .01 and he denies it saying I've been exposed to it sometime in my life which is why its 1.24. He told me I can come back for a retest in a month. This is hard to believe because I've never had an outbreak in my life or remember coming in contact with a sore. Please everyone give me your insight and advice on this because I can not stop worrying about this.
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Hi if you took the test at least 8 weeks post any sexual exposure then its almost certainly a false positive in need of retesting. if it was taken like a few weeks post exposure it would still need retesting. i personally think its a false positive eather way as when a person gets hsv2 there is almost always a blister out break followed by flu like symptoms and since you did not have these sympotms i feel you can rest assured that you dont have hsv2.
UPDATE: the partner I had back in April told me she got tested two weeks ago and she was negative for everything, so it can’t be from her. The girl in June happened in June 7th and I got tested June 18 with results on June 20th showing my HSV 2 IgG 1.24. Could it be from the girl in June if I used a condom and got tested 11 days later? I’m very nervous and I don’t want to believe this is true but how could I possibly be false negative if my HSV 1 IgG is less than .01 but my HSV 2 IgG is 1.24? How can it be negative if the number is so high compared to a true negative like my HSV 1 result?
Any number 3.5 and below is considered a false positive so your number is actually very low. You cant compare hsv1 numbers to hsv2 numbers. If you had a number abouve 3.5 i might be concerned that you do have hsv2 but with that low number im pretty sure if false postive.
What do you recommend I do from here? My doctor seems to be so sure that I’ve been exposed to it but I never had a breakout yet or want to accept the fact that I have it from such low risk occurrences?
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Please more people answer
What ive stated are the facts that your test numbers fall into the false positive catagory as any number 3.5 and below is considered a false positive
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