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Help. Unprotected oral in stripclub

I am 28 male from uk and was in a strip club in Mexico 7 days ago, I had a dance which she gave me unprotected oral plus she was fully naked and rubbing her self all over me also over my penis and obviously Her fluids must have been on me.
I woke up the next day about 5 hrs later and had a burning sensation on my penis, 7 days later and it's still there. Is it possible that I have an std or something. I did not have intercouse with her.
I have no way to get to a clinic as I'm currently offshore. Really need advice please

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I would assume its just irritation or bad hygiene. Unless u have any outbreak, but even then u might mistake it for something else. Mexico? Dam dude thats almost as bad as Africa. U gotta keep it straped. And im mexican so i know it is over there. Bt anyways since it wuz a one time deal and u didnt mention any of her symptoms then i would assume the risks are pretty low and its all in ur head. The one located above ur neck that is...
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