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Help to identify the lesions genital area

Iam worried about these skin lumps / lesions i have developed. Please help me to identify them.. they do not pain, bleed or puss. Sometime i feel itching only. I had unprotected sex with different partners in the past. Seen a urologist who thought this does not looks like HPV warts however he is still unsure. VDRl and urine culture is negative. Below is the link for pics. Please help

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/5Z89o4
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I agree that this doesn't look typically like HPV, but it could be. It could be skin tags.


They can suddenly appear, but are more common in some people than others. Did your doctor suggest a biopsy? Obviously, that would leave a scar, which for some, is a consideration.

I'd recommend a biopsy if scarring isn't a concern.
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Yes he hinted me towards the biopsy.. he said he will do the biopsy in next stage. Uptill now the antibiotics are not working iam taking (cycin, vibramycin) since 20 days.  and iam scared to death that what if they are HPV or HIV.. are you sure that they does not look like HPV or HIV warts.
I have no idea why he gave you those antibiotics, or for so long. How long are you supposed to be on those? After 20 days, if you've had no response, you need to follow up with the doctor. If he thought it was a bacterial infection, it's not responding to the antibiotics.

HIV doesn't give you warts.

It could be HPV warts, but it doesn't look typical.
I visited him two times already.. on my last visit he asked me to continue the above mentioned antibiotics. I showed him the VDRl and urine curture results which were both negative. And also told him there is no effect of the medicine execpt i felt nausea and headache all day..  he said just continue the medicine for two weeks more and then see.. If they are not symptoms to HPV or HIV what they could be ? An un usual thing i did was hard rubbing.. my last partner rubbed her against my penis for estacy. It was dry rubbing i felt iritation at that time. After that i havent payed attention to that part for almost 1 month.. and when i did i have developed these. And i guess they become more visible and increased in number when i shave off the area. My next visit is on friday. Iam also thinking to visit a dermatologist.. but iam scared to death and disturbed psychologically.
Oh don't shave the area right now. You could be causing more irritation.

I would absolutely recommend a dermatologist. Did the doctor tell you what he is treating you for with these antibiotics? Maybe he thinks you have a bacterial skin condition?

Both of those meds are broad spectrum, meaning they treat a lot of different infections. I can't find any skin infections that those together would treat. Maybe there's a local infection common to where you are that I'm not aware of, but you should ask him.

A woman rubbing on your penis isn't that unusual. While that could transmit an STD, it's probably more likely to cause irritation, especially if it was dry.

This could just be skin tags - I gave you a link above to explain those.

I think seeing a dermatologist is your best best. If you do, let me know what happens. I'm interested to see what they say.

Hand in there. I don't think this is anything scary. Even if it's HPV, it's estimated that 90% of us will get it at least once in our lifetimes. Most will clear it from their bodies - meaning the virus leaves the body - within 2 years, with no lingering issues.
I consulted a Very experienced dermatologist online through call. I discussed all my history and showed him pictures od the affected area. He is 100% sure that these are HPV warts. He asked me to stop the medication as it wint help. He said the only solution would be laser surgery otherwise they will imcrease with time. He further said that there is no need for biopsy. As the dermatologist based at another city. He referred to me another dermatologist who is based and practice at my city. I will be visiting him next week
These are the questions in my mind

Should i go for the laser surgery ?? Is it safe ? What would be the risk ? Am i going to expose my self to further complication ? Will HPV eradicate after the surgery or the warts will comeback. If i do not do anything about it.. will they increase or turn in to more dangerous thing like cancer or some other prob. Does the laser surgery hurt ? As i do not want to tell anyone about it. Can i keep it secret ? Without letting anyone know.. with 1-2 day bed rest
So first, no one can say they are HPV warts with 100& certainty without doing a biopsy.

I wouldn't make any decisions until you see the doctor in your area who can actually see this in person. There are other treatments besides laser. You can burn or freeze them off, which is just as effective and far less expensive.

Laser treatments are not the usual first step of treatment. That's usually saved for people who don't respond to other treatments. You'll probably feel a small zap during the treatment on each spot, and will be fully healed in 2-4 weeks. The pain after shouldn't be bad at all.

HPV can take up to 2 years to clear the body, meaning there is a possibility the warts will return, which is why treatment doesn't usually start with lasers.

Be really careful about doctors who just want your money and go for the big treatments first. Start small.

If you do the laser or the freezing, no one will have to know - you won't require any bed rest or anything like that.

Just make sure it's HPV first. It may be, but if there's even a question, get it biopsied.

Iam goint to visit the dermatalogist today pr might be next week depends on his availability. One more observation. I have read somewhere pubic hair does not come out of genital warts. I have notice hair coming out atleast 2 of them.

What are the other initial treatments you have mentioned ? Any medication would help ?
Just want to give you an update.. i visited a renowned dermatologist today. He inspected the area and very much sure that these are HPV warts. He adivsed me that the only solution is the procedure and creams will not do anything. I asked him is it the laser procedure. He said People call it laser but its not laser in real. He said i use fresh needle in every procedure. Precribled me some medicine which i should take a day before the procrdure. And some cream which i should apply an hour before the procedure. He further said he will try to burn all of them in one sitting howver it again depends on my tolerance level as he said he wont numb the whole alrea / penis.. because or sensitive nerves. He will partially do it.. so it might take 2 sittungs.. further he said he can not promise the 100% of them will clear off.. and will not come back again. 80% is the chance that they wont
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The doctot is  
MBBS, D-Derm, DRCP (Derm), MSc (Derm), Diplomat in Aesthetic Medicine (UK), Diplomat American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, MD (USA), Board Certified in Anti-Ageing Medicine (USA)

Head Of Department with experience of 17 years
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I showed him the earlier prescription of anitibiotic. he asked why are you taking these.. and said why this dr. (Urologist) even prescribed these medicines.. he asked me to stop these
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I'm glad you are not taking the antibiotics anymore. I have no idea why you were on them, and the other doctors seem to agree.

There is no such thing as a "Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine" in the US - https://www.abms.org/member-boards/specialty-subspecialty-certificates/ You can find out if your doctor is board certified in anything in the US here - https://www.certificationmatters.org/find-my-doctor/

You can find out if he's actually a Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine here - https://abamedicine.com/board-certified-physicians/

I'm not saying he isn't qualified. I'm saying be careful.

Find out the name of the procedure and google it like crazy before letting anyone put a needle in your penis. HPV will go away on it's own without treatment. You don't need needles in your penis. I just don't want anyone to do harm to you, or take your money needlessly.

I want it to be go away on its own.. but uptill now i have consulted 3 doctors.. 3 of them asked me to get them remove through surgery.. otherwise they gonna increase with time and cause problem. I now feel itching all over the penis.  This has become quite irritating since last week. Still there is no sign of pain, puss or blood. But they have grown. I also stopped shaving off the area. As they increased in number when shave off last time. So i have stopped it. The procedure is too costly but i can afford it. However i just dont want to get in to further complication. I have taken a time out from the doctor for preparing my mind for the surgery.  I want to consult another dermatologist for second opinion but unfortunately.. he is on leave due to coronavirus spread.
One more thing is there any way that i could remove those pubic hairs with out increasing the warts. I guess the razor thing only increased them in number. I wish could have know earlier that they are contagious
Iam now thinking should i take the HIV test or not. Iam shivering due to thinking about it. A Urologist has said there is no need. The dermatologist said i do not know that you have hiv or not. But he did not written me a test. Even i insisted. What are the symptoms of HIV ?
Yes, if you are continuing to shave the area, that could make them spread.

If you have had unprotected sex, you could be at risk for HIV, but HIV is less common than HPV - far less common.

You can go to any doctor and ask for an HIV test. You don't need a specialist to get that done. Most people don't have symptoms of HIV until much later in the infection.

Don't panic - just go get a test done.

I wish you would insist on a biopsy of these spots before allowing someone to do surgery on you, or put a bunch of needles in your penis.
I will ask him again to do the biopsy first.. but iam now more concerned about the HIV. Its getting on my nerves. I have read somewhere that HPV will give you worst symtoms if you have HIV as well. Is it true ? I think iam facing the mild symptoms of HPV. As gential warts only itch sometimes.. nothing else.. does that mean that HIV chances are rare ? And these warts are only near the penis.. not at the anal area... what your point of view. I will surely go for the diagnosis iam just trying to gather some courage
You are very helpful. I want to say thank you for answering my queries
That might be true if you have advanced HIV, as in you've advanced to AIDS, but that would take years and years. I don't think you need to worry about that.
I have noticed a light white patch on the penis.. it was there but now its more noticeable.. i have searched about it on the internet and it looks similar to lichen sclarosus.. oh GOD another skin problem.. what i have done to myslef.. i can wait to run to the dermatologist now. But the OPD and other non emergency consultation here in my city is suspended for 15 days. Due to the spread of coronavirus.. and observing the 15 day lockdown. Iam too much depressed now
One more thing. I feel itching all over body since 2-3 days.. iam not taking any antibiotics or anti allergy now
Itching all over your body isn't a sign of an STD - that could be anxiety.

A white patch can be anything. Yes, it could be lichen sclerosus, but you'll need to see the doctor for that.

Things are really hard right now. PLEASE try to remain calm. Whatever you have, it's not fatal - even HIV isn't fatal anymore.

Do you have anyone you can talk to about this? A friend? Family member? Someone else you trust? A therapist? I know it seems like a lot, but if it's HPV or lichen sclerosus, you're going to be fine. 90% of us get HPV in our lifetimes - you aren't alone. You could just have dry skin, too. Please try to remember that.
Mam, i live in a very conservative society.. we do not talk about these things with anyone. If i tell my family about it. They most probably will kick me out or someone will get heart attack by hearing this. Even with friends this is considered to be a sin. And people prefer to sucide if it becomes necessary to disclose. That is why i can not even talk to anyone. Aniexty yes.. iam trying but iam unable to stop my mind to think anout that.. im not getting sleep and remain awake all night. Could you please add me. You are very helpful frnd. If you could join me at whats app. It would be a great help
Okay, then don't tell anyone. It's a shame that you have to live this way because you are by far not the first person to have HPV in your country, if what you have is HPV. I'm still not convinced that's what it is.

I don't use ********, and I'm very sorry, but I don't connect with people off the site. I'm sure you're a very nice man, but the internet can be scary for women.

I don't know where you're from, and don't need to know, and I'd rather you didn't say to help keep your identity private, but we have people from all over the world on this site. I promise you that you are not the first person from your country who's had this issue. I don't even know where you're from and I can promise that. Every single very conservative country I can think of has had people posting in this forum. You are not alone.

I don't know the status of covid in your country, but if you aren't on a stay in place order, can you get any exercise? Go for a walk or a run? Keep to the social distancing, but if you can get outside or exercise (or both), that will probably help your sleep.
You are still not convinced that its HPV ?
No. I won't be until you get a biopsy that says it's HPV. I know your doctors don't want to do that, and it could be HPV, but HPV is usually in clusters, not spread out like yours are.

I just don't want you to go through some kind of radical treatment - like needles in your penis - when there are other far more accepted treatments you could do. I know these things aren't talked about there, but they are very much talked about here, and no one is putting needles in the penis for HPV. Lasers are sometimes used, but that's a treatment of last resort, after other treatments haven't worked. First line of treatment here is usually creams that burn or freeze them off.

Here is the Centers for Disease Control Treatment Guidelines for warts - https://www.cdc.gov/std/tg2015/warts.htm

This is from the American Social Health Association - http://www.ashasexualhealth.org/stdsstis/hpv/genital-warts/ Click on How Are Warts Treated.

It mentions interferon injected into the warts - is that what your doctor mentioned? That's not done here anymore.
I will post some pictures for an update of the current position.. i will go through the link you provided for my knowledge. The doctor right away said creams wont do anything. The only solution is surgery..  i want to go to the orger dermatlogist but this corona pandemic happened. Iam just praying that im not having HIV.
Okay, it's your choice. Just research everything. Get the name of the procedure he wants to do, and research it for success rates, side effects, etc. Research the doctor.

Are your partners male or female? Do you have vaginal and/or anal sex? Protected or unprotected? I don't think we've discussed that. If you want, we can, and I can help assess your HIV risk.
Yes i had sex with different partners, 2 of them were sex workers. but i don`t remember i had unprotected sex. No anal sex. only vaginal penetration.
i used protection every time.
i have recalled an instance, similar lesion was appeared approx 1 year back in april 2019, it was on two places. i didnt know about HPV and thought they are moles or skin tag. ignored them completely and i guess they healed on their own. leaving a block dot only. after that time i had sex with different partners.  2-3 times. Now in January 2020 i had sex with a girl (she was not a sex worker and she is clean, a virgin) it was not penetration. she only rubbed her vagina very hard with my penis. i felt uncomfortable and burning due to friction. after that time i didnt shaved off the pubic hair for 1 month and when i did, i saw these lesions. i was in hurry so i roughly shaved it off. they were few 3-4 and only increased after shaving then i had decided something is wrong and booked an appointment to the urologist. i knew he will have to examine the area so i again shaved it off and those lesion were again increased due to shaving i guess now i have stopped it.
i went to the urologist, told him about everything. he prescribed me antibiotics and recommended two test VDRL and urine both were negative. i asked him whether they look like HPV or HIV. he said no HPV and HIV does not look like this. and relax you do not have anything. i said i  want a complete diagnosis he told me there is no need and i should continue these medicines for two weeks more and incase there is no progress we will go for the biopsy. my next visit to him was due on 20 March, but since then he is not available the OPD is stopped till next month. Now after that for a second suggestion i booked an online renowned dermatologist. he saw the pictures and confirmed that these are 110% HPV warts and you have to remove them with laser surgery. he practiced in another city so he recommended me another dermatologist in my city.
i tried to book an appointment with that dermatologist but i received a message from him that he is on leave as the OPD is stopped by the Govt orders till next month. he referred me another dermatologist in an army hospital. i didnt go there. searched on the internet about best dermatologist near me. found one and met him last week. he examine the area and told me these are HPV warts. i told him about the urologist, he said i dont know who has given the degree to that doctor why he prescribed these antibiotics. but this is the case of dermatologist and not urologist. he said the only solution is the procedure. i said should we conduct a biopsy first. he said there is no need. i said whether i have HIV. he said i do not know. you can go for the test. i asked him to write me a test he said i wont write a test. you can go to another doctor for that.

i do not think that he was referring to this procedure as he didnt not mention anything related to injecting. only he said we have to burn off these lesions one by one and it might take two sittings depends on the level of your tolerance as i can not numb the whole area. i asked him sir, is this procedure called laser. he said doctors call it laser but its not completely laser. he further said my procedures are costly as i pay attention to each and everything and change my needles with every patient. All doctors dont do that. so my procedure is somewhat costly.

I have seen a youtube video in which a surgeon is removing warts by burning off them with a tip of needle. i guess he was referring to it.
I really really wish that someone would biopsy these.

Okay, burning them off with a needle is strange, but that's far better than interferon. That's a relief.

It's suspicious to me that he is going for the most costly thing first, especially in the midst of this pandemic, when you could be trying a cream at home for much cheaper.

Have you gone through my all comments above ?
Yes, I have read all your comments, from the start of this. My thoughts haven't changed.

Oh the only thing I didn't address was your HIV risk - I'm sorry. If you used protection every time for vaginal penetration, you had no HIV risk. It doesn't matter if your partners were sex workers or not if it was protected.

Also, HIV doesn't give you bumps like this on your penis.

It's possible to get HPV while using condoms, but your risk goes way down. That's another reason I wish someone would do the biopsy.

It might be HPV. It might be skin tags. It wouldn't hurt a thing to do a biopsy, except maybe the doctor couldn't charge you as much to do his treatment.
one more thing, I told you that i felt itching over the body it remained 2-3 days and its gone now. my skin became dry due to the weather might be or side effect of the anti-biotics i have used for no reason. or might be anxiety which is too high. Now from yesterday i felt burning on the finger tip in both hands. and burning on under the feet palm. Is this because of anxiety or side effect of those heavy antibiotics which i have stopped.  

One more thing i would like to share, i was an over weight guy an year back. i started die hard KETO diet. and remained in KETO for more than a year. lost 70 kgs (half of me).  recently i came out of KETO and started a normal diet. i was taking no sugar since an year. i doubt that there might be some role of glucose or insulin in this burning thing. There is no pain in Warts, no Puss, No bleed, and almost rare itching as i have stopped shaving the pubic hairs.
I don't know nearly anything about Keto and it's affects on your body.

So you're saying all those spots have gone since you stopped shaving? Or just the pain and itching?
Update: I went to a general physician today.. told him the whole case and ask for a complete diagnose.
My anti-HIV test came negative (much releif)
Anti- HIV (CMIA): Negative
HIV core protein (P24): Negative
B12 test: 196 pg/ml (Low)
HbA1c (glycoselated hemoglobin): 5.4%
Glucose ( fasting): 95
CBC: normocytic. Normochromic
Platelete count: 207
WBC: 4.7
All other values in CBC are in normal range

Iam waiting for the vitamin D test.. they will upload it tomorrow. I will also ask the doctor to prescribe hepatitis test on nect visit on wednesday

My last sex was in january.. mid of the january
No.... i meant to say that warts are there but they stopped increasing in number and stopped itching
Oh okay. Well, that's a good sign about no itching and no spreading.

I'm happy to hear that your HIV test was negative. I know that's a relief!

Depending on the unit of measurement for the glucose, that's fine. Your A1C is okay, too.

Your B12 is slightly low - above 200 is normal. Does he want you to address that?  https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/vitamin-b12-test#2

Your platelet count - what unit of measurement is that in?

Your WBC could be normal, but that depends entirely on what unit of measurement that is.

If they are diagnosing you with Normocytic normochromic anemia, you might want to post in our General Health forum. They can help you more with that than I can. https://www.medhelp.org/forums/General-Health/show/164

If your platelets are abnormal, they can help with that, too.

Unfortunately, this forum is only for STDs, and that's really my best area of knowledge.

Oh but unless I'm missing something, the bumps on your penis are unrelated to the rest of it.
Yes the bumps / lesions / warts (whatever they are) might be unrelated or might be aggravated due to the deficiencies i have .

Today my Vitamin - D report came and the count is 8 ng /ml. The normal count is at least 20 above.

WBC Count: 4.7 X10E9/L

Platelet count: 209 X10E9/L

i dont know what these units are but they fall within normal range mentioned in the report
i had sex activity on 15-Jan and test is conducted on march 30. Test came negative with (0.1) reading.

Is this time sufficient to detect a virus
Which test came out with a .1 reading? Which virus are you asking about?

As long as the others are in the normal range, that's fine.

I was talking about anti hiv test..
My last sex activity was on jan-15, 2020 and i took anti-HIV test on march 30, 2020 which came negative..

Is this time period sufficient
Yes, I have already said this is conclusive.

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