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Herpes? HPV?

Over the past 3 years I believe that I've stupidly had unprotected Oral Sex(receiver) with over 10 escorts/working girls. If I do have intercourse which is rare, I've always protected my self with a condom and kept my breifs for extra skin to skin protection. The last time was about 2 months ago which was a regular. Today I noticed this tiny bump on the top of my penis. It doesn't itch nor causes pain to me, it's just there.
Here's a pic: https://ibb.co/NC8Pbnm

What does it look like to you guys?

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Do you mean the little spot that is in the center of the pic? It could be really anything - it's possible it's a wart, but the strains of HPV transmitted by oral sex are usually the strains that don't produce warts.

It could be a normal skin variation that just happens over time.

The only real way to know is to see a doctor and get it biopsied. Bumps can be caused by so many things that it's hard for us to give any real guidance on them just based on a pic. They often need an exam and testing to diagnose.

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Thank you for the swift response. I guess it's time to finally put my insurance to good use lol
Another question, I know they say that HPV and Herpes are transferred from skin to skin contact but does there have to be a visible sore or a wart on the body that you come in contact with it in order for it to transfer to you or that does not matter at all?
No, symptoms do not need to be present in order to transmit those.

There are dozens of strains of HPV that affect the genital area, and some cause visible warts, and some don't. You can transmit either without having any symptoms. It's estimated that about 90% of us will have at least one strain in our lifetimes. Many experts call it an inevitability that we'll get it. There is an HPV vaccine available that protect against the most common strains. When you put that insurance to use, talk to your doctor about it. :)

Herpes is most infectious when a sore is present, but there is something called asymptomatic viral shedding. This is when the virus is present on the skin but there are no symptoms. It is infectious at this time. Your bump is not herpes, if you are concerned about that. Herpes is a blister, not a bump.

Syphilis, which causes sores, can only be transmitted if a sore is present. (That's definitely not a syphilis sore, which is a round, open, painless sore.)

Let us know what the doctor says. :)
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