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Herpes of Candida infection?

After having sex (there was unprotected penetration and oral sex involved) with a female friend, within 24 hours or so I noticed a few small red spots on the tip of my penis, and an itching at times burning sensation in the groin area which has persisted for two days now. She did have a cold sore on her mouth previously so there's a definite chance of herpes, but the pain isn't that bad, and it comes and goes, and the spots on my penis have stayed as spots so far and didn't swell up or burst or anything. Also, an antifungal cream has managed to ease a bit of the itchiness and sensitivity...well i'm going to the doctor tomorrow but I would like to get someone else's opinion on here as to what you think is wrong. Thanks in advance!
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genital herpes won't show up that quickly.

going to be seen and get these looked at is the best thing you can do. typically genital hsv1 would present with very classic symptoms and would be painful blisters at this point so odds are it isn't herpes.

have you ever been tested for herpes to know your own status?

we recommend protected oral sex because it works! When the clothing comes off, a condom should be on to best protect you - don't wait for actual penetration to put it on.

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Thanks for the response! Seeing as how this was my first sexual experience, I had no prior motive to get tested. I have taken your advice to heart however, as regardless of the results of the test, I have no desire for another fiasco of this sort.
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