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Herpes or Bacteria Infection

A couple of weeks ago, I had a 1 time only unprotected sexual episode with a girl who’s had herpes (no sores and not during an outbreak) for about 8 yrs. It was brief, I entered her vagina literally twice and stopped.  I attempted to have unprotected anal sex her. After multiple attempts of trying to fully insert myself but failing I gave up. The next day the tip of my penis felt  sensitive to the touch of anything (even rubbing against my boxer shorts) there was no burning or stinging at all even while urinating. However there was some discomfort and a little pain in the penis shaft (urethra). I was tested (urine and blood) and it came back negative for everything. The next couple of days I continued to feel the same discomfort, my urine was tested but again came back negative. The doctor treated me for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia with a week supply of meds. Currently 2 weeks later, The pain is gone but I am now worried about the possibility of contracting herpes. What would the chances of contracting herpes from this short one time exposure. I’m fully aware that the initial herpes test was done too early.
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The chance that you got herpes from her, assuming she has type 2 and she doesn't take daily meds like Valtrex, are about 1 in 1000, or better. You can get genital hsv1 from receiving oral sex, and it remains type 1. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location of the infection.

I'm not sure if you attempted anal with her to try to avoid herpes, but if someone has genital herpes, they have it in their entire genital area, including their anal area.

In any case, you didn't really penetrate her but twice, so chances that you got herpes from her are very, very slim.

When you try anal, are you stretching your partner first with your fingers and lube? That will make it easier for you and your partner, cause less pain, and prevent the feelings you had the following day, which was perhaps from you trying to enter her.

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Yes, I definitely hope so! It’s now day 23 (3 weeks) post encounter and still no symptoms at all except a lot of nervousness and mind games. I went into a clinic and had a urine test done and everything came back negative. I think I’m going to go and get the IGG blood test done in a couple more weeks done the line. Here’s to wishing and hoping for the best from a terrible decision.
If you'd had full penetrative sex with her, you'd have about a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting herpes from her, since no condom was used, assuming she has type 2. (Genital hsv1 is less infectious, but we don't have studies on transmission of that, but assume the odds are more in your favor if she has that.)

If you test in a couple of weeks, and test positive, it might be an old infection. It can take up to 4 months to test positive, but some can test positive much earlier on the IgG. I did at about 3 weeks, give or take. Most will by 6 weeks.

Chances are very, very slim that you got herpes from her. Being with her wasn't a terrible decision. Maybe not using condoms wasn't the best - that would have made your chances 1 in 10,000 if you had fully penetrated her, but really, herpes isn't as infectious as you probably think it is.

If you were in a relationship with her, and only avoided sex during outbreaks, you'd only have a 4-5% chance of getting it per year, assuming sex 2-3x a week. If you used condoms OR she took daily meds, it's 2-3%. If you did both, it's 1-2%.

Hang in there. Chances that you got herpes from this are so low.

Thank you so much! I am definitely trying to remain hopeful. And this has really taught me a lesson or lessons. Every weird feeling or slight tingle or anything drives me crazy at this point. I’m gonna wait until 6 weeks to take the next IGG test.

We aren’t in a relationship and this was our only encounter. She took me to her Doctor to explain, answer questions, and breakdown transmission telling me that my chances are very low as you stated.  Why is it that some doctors don’t prescribe herpes 2 patients to daily medication?
It depends on the patient, and the doctor. Some docs think that patients only need the meds if they are having a lot of outbreaks, and don't quite understand that it helps reduce transmission. Some patients decline it if they aren't in a regular relationship with someone who doesn't have herpes.

Some doctors think there is a potential for harm to the kidneys with long term use - there isn't - so they hesitate in prescribing it to patients who aren't in relationships.

You get it - there are lots of reasons, some valid, some not.

It was awesome of her to take you to her doctor, and for her doctor to meet with you. That's really impressive. I've had herpes for 15+ years, and I'm not sure I'd have gone that far for a one-time encounter. She's pretty cool, and nicer than I am lol. :)
Yeah, I get it.

But yes, I’ve been so paranoid and nervous on top of being confused from a lot of horror stories I’ve read across the internet that she wanted her doctor to separate the facts from the myths.
Don't read the horror stories. You have no idea if they're entirely true (or true at all), or what the background is of the people answering questions.

Good sites besides this one -

https://westoverheights.com/ - it has the herpes handbook - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/ - among other things


Really, the chances are so, so low. There's just no other way to say that.
Thank you very much for the information and you are right... I am going to try harder to stay off of the internet besides the websites that you provided
Good. Really, I'd be very, very surprised if you got herpes from this.

Hang in there!
Thank you very much! I’m trying to maintain mental health minus my scare. I developed a boil a couple days ago and started panicking. After examining it and realizing that I often develop boils  from time to time I somewhat calmed down. I’m going to take the IGG Test soon. Would there be a big difference in results at 5 1/2 weeks (39 or 40 days) versus the full 6 weeks (42 days)?
Nope, no difference at all.

You get boils from time to time in the genital area? Ever heard of hidradenitis suppurativa? It might not be that, but it's worth a look. If you google it, the pics you will see are absolutely worse case scenario. There are different stages, and they love to show the worst, not the mildest.

Also, is anxiety an issue for you? Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about that if it is.
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