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How Long After Azithromycin Before You Get Fully Cured?

So, I don't know precisely if I have both but I have occassional discharge on my penis. The color is not yellowish/brownish/white. it's clear liquid and it doesn't hurt. If I never pull down my pants to check on my penis, I would assume I never have it.

However, I went to the doctor and was given 2g of azithromycin orally and one injection for gonorrhea. and I heard the azithromycin itself can cure both chlamydia and gonorrhea. That's it. one single dose.

So it's been 2 days but I can still see the discharge sometimes. I heard it can take up to 7 days before the symptoms will fully stop. I know I will need to get tested just to make sure everything is clear already but just curious. how long does it take for gonorrhea and chlamydia symptoms to fully disappear after taking medication? Thank you
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Yes, it could take a week or so to see your symptoms go away. It may happen before that, but don't be surprised if it takes that long.

I don't know what they told you when you tested, but you shouldn't have sex for at least 7 days, or while you still have symptoms, whichever is longer. Make sure all your partners are notified, as leaving these untreated can cause lifelong problems for both men and women.

The azithromycin will cure chlamydia, and may cure gonorrhea, but there is some resistance to it. The shot will cure the gonorrhea.

OK, thank you. makes sense. it's been only 3 days now and i can still see some symptoms. keep in mind i cant actually feel anything and like 80% of the time i check on my penis head, i cant see any discharge. it's just that i still see a little bit of 'mark' on my underwear after going out for hours. so i assume i still have the discharge occassionally. Strange thing is that when i was at home (today), everytime i checked on my penis and my underwear, i couldn't see anything for 10-12 hours. but i went out for 4 hours, then came back home, suddenly there was a mark on my underweird. weird. I hope i won't have any symptom anymore after 7 days.
Oh yeah, that's not too bad. Some people have constant dripping discharge they can see and feel. Hang in there!
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Have you been tested for Mycoplasma Genitalium. Wait 3 weeks after antibiotics and use first void urine only. MyLabbox can do a home test.
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