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Hpv transmission from genital to mouth

I’m a gay male and performed masturbation on another gay male for about 5 minutes. I did have my mouth on his scrotum and licked around the area. I noticed what seemed to be maybe a wart on his scrotum. What is the likelihood of transmission to my mouth from this exposure?
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Hello, the chance is low from what you describe.  You can wait about 7 to 15 days, for any sign of legions.  As far as HPV strain infection with no symptoms, well that's another story, I think you should be fine.  Just be careful out there.

Performing unprotected oral sex in what you describe within the community of Men who has sex with men,  know that HPV prevalence is higher.   Overall I move on if in 15 days you see no legions/ulceration/warts in your mouth.
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sorry lesions not legions.
Hi and thanks for your reply. From what I have been reading, I agree risk is low but I still worry. Several sites even mention low risk of transmission giving oral even if warts are visible which I thought was odd but reassuring. I will be inspecting my mouth for anything unusual over the next few weeks and plan to at least get a full std test anyhow. I know there is now way to test for hpv though.
Most oral HPV infections are the strains that don't give you warts, so chances of you getting any symptoms are very low. The incubation period - time from infection to symptoms - for HPV is actually a few weeks to several months.

Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about this. What you noticed could be so many different things - an oil gland, hair follicle, a skin tag, normal skin variations, and as you've read, and Jessy said, the chances of oral HPV is really low.

You don't need a full STD test unless you've had other exposures in the past.
Thanks for the reassurance. I just really got paranoid when I noticed it. I’m hoping it wasn’t a Genital wart but if so I just hope I don’t get any symptoms in my mouth. I was up all night researching and it’s so conflicting. Some say it’s highly likely and some say it’s very low risk.
Have you had the HPV vaccine? If you have, and depending on the one you got (if you did), it protects against either 4 or 9 of the most common strains, so that makes this even less of a concern.

Most oral HPV is caused by the strains that don't give you symptoms. If this was a wart - and you don't know that it was - you most likely won't get anything.

Your reaction to this is sort of over the top. There's no need for you to stay up all night researching and panicking like this. If this level of anxiety isn't new for you, I hope you have a counselor to talk to.

Also, if you haven't gotten the HPV vaccine, please talk to your doctor. It's estimated that about 90% of us will get it at least once in our lifetimes, and the vaccine will go a long way to making sure you aren't one of them.

I have not received the vaccine. I’m 32 now and it seems to be too late for it to work for me. Fortunately I do have a counselor and already have a session for tomorrow. Thanks again for your replies, it really helps.
You can get the vaccine up to age 45.



I'm glad you've got an appt tomorrow. Good luck. :)
Wow, I will do more research on the vaccination and inquire with my doctor. Thanks!
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