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I am very concerned! Am I infected??

I used my sisters roommates panties to masturbate. Afterwards I found out that she has and STD. (I don't know which one) I licked the vaginal area of the panties then proceeded to masturbate with them.  My penis touched and ejaculated on the panties I also used them to wipe the semen off. The vaginal area of the panties touched my urethra while I ejaculated. I have been very worried about this for quite some time, as this happened in late May. I have recently been experiencing headaches, stomach aches/nausea, my neck is sore, and a sore throat. I have heard that those are symptoms. I am now even more worried. I have tried multiple websites and have never received an answer back to my questions. I really need to know if I'm at risk because I'm a teen who lives with my parents so if I need medicine or anything I must go through them. PLEASE HELP!
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You had no risk
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I'm no expert but I'm sure nobody has made out with panties and gotten a std so you are safe.
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