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I had sex with a prostitute.

Exactly 7 days ago, I had sex with a prostitute. This is what we did.

She gave me unprotected oral sex. She put on a condom so we can have vaginal sex. She took off the condom and put lube on my penis to jerk me off to orgasm.

I am worried about what STD  I could have contracted. I don't remember her having any open wounds in or near her mouth nor her genital area.

What STD's could have I contracted and what are the chances? I am very worried; please and thank you!
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Hi, what your describing is considered low risk for Gonoreah, herpes and syphilis from the oral and  herpes and syphilis from the vaginal
How about HPV?
Not disgreeing in the slightest, because I have no expertise, but why do so many people on this forum say unprotected oral is such low risk when so many other places call it high risk for herpes and gonorrhoea?
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