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I had unprotected oral sex and STD's

Dear Doctor,
I had unprotected oral sex a week ago with a massage girl.I gave her head but she didn’t ejaculate in my mouth.We had sfe sex with condom after that.A day later that activity,I had a minor canker sore in my mouth.Now there’s really two minor canker sores in my mouth and my mouth is really dry.Are these symptoms of HIV or any STDs?Am I at risk?(P.S I went to see dentist  but I didn’t tell her about my sexual activity and she checked my mouth and concluded that it is because of heat and my wisdom teeth .Can she be mistaken these sores with any STIs symptoms? Thanks for giving me time Doc.
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Unprotected oral sex is not a risk for HIV regardless of the condition of your mouth and gums.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus. The only ways adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drug needles. So, no worries regarding hiv transmission.  STD's are a potential issue and using a barrier for that is also recommended.  It is possible to get an std in the throat if the person you gave oral sex to has an std. Gonorrhea is an example of that. So are chlamydia and syphilis possibilities.  Not to a huge extent but possible.  https://www.cdc.gov/std/healthcomm/stdfact-stdriskandoralsex.htm
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You gave oral sex on a vagina. That's a lot lower risk than vaginal or anal sex, or even oral on a penis.

In theory, chlamydia can be transmitted orally, but most experts have said they've never seen a case of it in the throat, and most clinics don't test for it because it doesn't really happen.

Oral sex on a vagina puts you at slight risk for oral gonorrhea and syphilis. Neither would give you the symptoms you have now, nor would they give you symptoms that quickly.

If you got symptoms from oral gonorrhea, it would be a sore throat, and you'd see that maybe 3-5 days later.

If you got oral syphilis, it would take at least 3 weeks for a sore to appear in your mouth. If she didn't have any genital sores, you couldn't have gotten syphilis.

Chances of either are very slim.

Your dentist has probably seen oral STDs before, and canker sores are not STDs. She'd be able to determine the difference.

I'm sorry about your wisdom teeth. Those can hurt a lot more than STDs.
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