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If its not chlamydia or gonorrhea what is it?

I had relations with my partner in June a month later I started having symptoms of a uti. Or what I think is one. I had pain in my urethra the pain of say on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst, it was a 2 or 3, if I had to say.(not a doctor) it would shoot from my testicles to about near the tip. I have no ulcers or lesions near my genitals except stretch marks which are located in-between my thighs and groin. Have not experienced any type of discharge, pain or burning when I have to pee, but what I do have is a slight hard mass in my penis near the tip like in the penis glams or something it feels like its on both sides of my urethra and if I squeeze it it feels hard but no pain and.

After seeing my doctor again  he gave me doxyciline, and a shot of Rocephin it took away the pain and if it came back it was a 1 out of 10. I did a urinalisis as well on the hr 28th of September when my test came back he said they were negative of clamydia and gonnoria I asked if it could be anything else, he said he doubts it. And when I asked him about the feeling in my penis he said just wait a few weeks ofter the doxy and see if it clears up if not than he will refer me to a urologist wich is what I'm doing tomorrow.

I don't have any other symptoms besides tinginling in my anal area, back pain but I've always had that, and a slight sore throat but that came just last week, I do have a canker sore in my mouth but that's not really bothersome. My Main focus is what's in my penis because I've searched and searched and haven't found similar symptoms. Can anyone tell me anything please I've been so stressed about this.
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My urine hasn't been bloody, cloudy, or foul smelling either. It's pretty much normal.
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No clue what it could be
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