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Intermittent pain after urination

9 months ago I had condom protected sex but the condom broke at the last 30 seconds (approx). This was with someone i knew and prior to this i had been checked for all std's (negative)

I have not had unprotected sex since then. About a month ago,  I experienced very mild burning after urination in the morning about 6-7 times. If the burning does occur, it only happens in the morning and like I said, its very intermittent. I am a very anxious person so I am curious if this sounds like delayed std symptoms.
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These are way too long after the fact to be STD symptoms.  It is more likely that you have a mild bacterial infection, unrelated to the sexual event.   You should go to a clinic or your doctor and do a simple urine check for bacteria, which can be treated with antibiotics.

Again, symptoms of an STD would NOT appear this long after the event.
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Thank you. I have heard that they can be dormant so that is why I was concerned, I also have never seen any discharge. What type of bacteria could it be? Something that can be sexually transmitted? I heard UTI's are uncommon in men under 30.
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