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Is This Caused By An STD (Picture Included)

i recently met someone who gave me oral sex with a condom, the condom did not rip and it was properly put on
however, she licked my balls for under a minute and when it was time for me to ejaculate, i neatly pulled my condom out and i noticed that this is what her tongue looked like!!
mind me that I'm a young men and she was visibly very well put together, one wouldn't assume this is what her tongue would look like, so i didn't notice until she assumed position for me to ejaculate and opened her mouth wide open
i freaked out and complete stopped any activity, i asked her if she had any std and she insisted that she didn't, but with a tongue like that, its was hard for me to believe
however, she gave me permission to take a picture of her tongue in case i was concerned so i can show a professional or someone of knowledge

Heres The Pic....  

and then she proceeded to tell me to apologize once i was told everything is fine
she gave me her number and showed me where she lived
but anyway thats besides the point, when i got home, off course i showered and throughly cleaned my scrotum for about 30 minutes with alcohol, toothpaste, soap and extremely hot water, mind you that i was very concerned, and searched all over the net but i couldn't find anything similar to the blister she had on her tongue
can someone please tell me what this could possibly be and what my risks are here!
we didn't touch or do anything all i received was head with protection but i messed up by letting here gently lick my scrotum with the tip of her tongue
anyways, any advice to what this could be would be helpful, thank you!
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Hi, the protected oral was no risk and her licking is not any real concern either. If she had a syphilis sore on  her tongue you would need to have an open sore for the germs to enter also.
So the picture I posted when asked the question didn't look alarming?
And her lightly licking my scrotum in one area wouldn't have posed a risk?
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No the tongue is not an issue for STDs/STIs, the throat is the place.

You had protected oral sex and there is no risk for you.
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