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Is it STD or Urology?

On 11 of April, I received unprotected oral sex from an unknown girl that I met her in a public street in London. She is white from North Africa. on 5 of May night and 6 of May morning, I found slightly and dry white discharge on the top of my penis. That never happened before and after.

On 23 of April ( after 12 days of vice) I tested for HIV/hepatitis c,b through the multiplex test. the results came back negative for all. on 8 of May, I test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea and the results came back negative for both.
On 10 of May I practice unprotected sex with my wife and after two days, her period became confused with heavy bleeding. After 10 days more we continue to practice unprotected sex and suddenly I discovered blood in my clothes after the vaginal sex, that happened twice and first since we married 4 years ago. my wife went to her urologist, she took high vaginal swap and did PAP smear, the result for vaginal swap is normal and for PAP smear was abnormal (mild inflammatory smear with ASCUS), the urologist told my wife that there is a severe inflammatory in her cervix. she gave my wife cream for yeast, and vaginal suppositories to treat the inflammatory, and she asks my wife to repeat the PAP smear after 3 months.

From that day till 21 of June I test for syphilis, ureaplasma and mycoplasma for urine and semen, culture for urine and semen and repeated the chlamydia and gonorrhoea, all results came back negative. On 3 of July, I test for HIV1,2 Abs/P24 Ag screen and syphilis IgG/IgM by EIA, Herpes 1,2, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. All results came back today as negative.

My questions:

1. Do you think that bleeding during sex, between her period and abnormal PAP smear result for my wife, is because of an infection from me?

2. Do you think I am clean from STD? Is there an additional test I have to do it?

3. I worry that I have GNU, I already prepared two doses of azithromycin for me (1g) and for my wife (1g) to treat any other bacrtia in our genitals. still, we haven't gulped it.

4. Is the abnormality result for PAP smear is an indication of HPV infection? if yes, what I have to do?

I will appreciate any further advice.
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Go see urologist doc. I’m from HK and I recently got chronic prostatitis after unprotected virginal sex. I though is STI infection at the beginning. Later I got tested for my seminal fluid, and it is caused by ccoil and streptococcus,,, it might be UTI or prostitas for my self-experience... plus HIV would not spread by oral sex
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