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Left Testicle dull pain, that comes and goes

Hi, Im a 36 year old male that as of July 26 I have started getting a dull discomfort on my left testicle. Im currently sexually active with my girlfriend for the past 4 months, no protection. After noticing the discomfort I searched on google to see what was going on, the first thing that popped was Epididymitis which is caused by chlamydia and other STI. I found it to be a little strange since it has been 3 months since I have been with my girlfriend and there are no other symptoms aside from the dull discomfort on my left testicle. In other words, no pain during urination, no discharge, no redness , no swelling or fever. After reading that result I immediately went to my nearest STD clinic to have it checked, indeed the doctor mentioned that it seemed to be epididymitis and put me on 10 days doxycycline and gave me a shot of ceftriaxone. She ran all the STI tests on me including Chlamydia and Gonorrhea which I will get my results this coming Thursday.She also mentioned that if by Monday which is today my symptoms don't improve I might need to seek a urologist.  I'm really concerned as to what it could be since the dull pain apperas once a while specially depending on how I sit or in the position I am. Could it be an STI even though I only have that discomfort? Could it be Epididymitis if a have no swelling or redness? I can touch the testicle, the only discomfort I feel is when I put some pressure behind the testicle.
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Hi it would appear that your irritation is injury related not std.
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