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Leg and Testicle Pain Solution!

Guys!  I think I may be able to help with this issue of pain in the testicle and in the leg / hip area.  I am here to tell you that you probably don't have anything serious at all.  I'm so sick of bad news posts about cancer and removing your jewels that I was encouraged to write this.  Believe it or not, one of the most common complaints dudes have with doctors is with their balls.
I am a 27 year old officer in the Army.  When I was deployed to Iraq, I had this problem, and it's been going on for about two years now, off and on.  I was told by a doctor that he was sure it was a leg issue rather than a testicle issue.  I told him he was on crack because I was sure my testicle pain was causing the leg pain.  All the tests came up with MRI and such and, of course, the docs couldn't help me.  The worst pain happened when I was in a cold movie theater for two hours and tried to stand-up only to feel extreme pain in the leg and testicle.  
Here's the solution guys... stretch.  Do thigh stretches and groin stretches.  Go to a physical therapist like I did, and they will tell you that your muscles and hips are weak.  They are right!  My therapist said that I would PROBABLY have to do these stretches the rest of my life, every day, but if you're like me you'll take that over testicular cancer any day.  I have found over the past year that if I don't stretch, the pain comes back.  When I stretch, it takes about a day or two for the pain to go away but it's good as long as I remember to stretch!  This is totally possible for any of you as I do Army Physical Training every morning and can deal with it if I only stretch!  I know you may not believe me, but try it for a week and let me know what you think.  Stretch twice a day, every day, nice and slow before you go to bed and after you wake up for about 10 minutes each time.  Lowering your stress helps too.  I really hope this helps you as I know how scary it is.  Rest assure and don't worry.  Try to stay off the internet searching for anything but cancer.  You more than likely don't have it!  Good luck!

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I've tried the stretching with no luck and now my CMND is sending me to Walter Reed and working to send me to a WTP. I've tried stretching been to urology, neurology and still the pain is persisting and growing. I recently started with a cane due to the decreased movements, pain, and muscle weakness. I have a rheumatologist appointment soon to see if it is auto immune related. I start PT today to work on my walking and pain. This is starting to become an issue that has no end and I feel like I'm going crazy. I have asked the docs if I can get a script for the cane and they push me around saying it's not there department and that I am going to have to do everything over at a military hospital so they can put me where I have to go. The Neurologist I saw at WR said he would just classify it as a Pain Syndrome and I needed to see there urologist and the pain center not to mention more blood work again.  

Tests done: Leg ultrasound/NEG...Testicle ultrasound x3/NEG...Pelvic CT and MRI with/without contrast/NEG... Lombar and Thoracic MRI with/without contrast/NEG...Blood Test also NEG for Lyme/B12 deficiency/thiriod...Inguinal (R) Nerve Block "reduced pain a bit but came right back"
This story sounds very similar to mine. It's been going on 3 years since the testicle pain started. Then it moved to really bad sciatica and out calf pain on the same side. I've been through everything once (CT, MRI, ultrasound, back specialist). They have no idea and no recommendations. Now it back to the testicle pain. Have you had any improvement or change since this post?
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Well tried all the this crap myself and been to specialist as of may 19th 2017 only to be told by two back specialist have no idea what is the problem and because it does not require immediate surgery nothing they can do which is a typical respond these days to modern back issue because specialist only want the big money and do not want to explorer other things that could be the cause of the issues and all MRI and CT scans are dun under no movement condition wont show a god dam thing in reality.

They really need to do mobility scanning under conditions like work, walking on different level ground to how the spine really moves, and disc operate which includes bending and picking up stuff so you can see where the nerve is getting pinched and the disc bones are rubbing together.
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