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Lost virginity to a masseuse. Worried about STDs.

Hi .

I am a 25 year old Canadian male. I visited one massage parlour two times (location: canada). Last Sunday and Monday. I had been a virgin up until that point and had no sexual experience whatsoever. The first time, I got full service but both the blowjob and sex were with a condom. I fingered the vagina bare handed in the first situation. The second time, I got the same and both the sex and blowjob were with a condom but the blowjobs were longer and more frequent throughout the session. The second masseuse had a tongue piercing but she told me it is flat and there is no indication that anything happened to condom. But, sometimes my penis would get flaccid so the space between condom and tip of my penis would increase but the condom itself did not slip off to my knowledge.

Masseuses told me they regularly get checked, that we did everything properly and safely, and that there's no way that I could have caught anything, given that also condoms were used properly. For the second encounter, my penis kind of smelled like her vagina after the encounter even though I used the condom (After the encounter when I got back home, I kinda touched my penis, it appeared to me the smell was reminiscent of the same smell that seemed to be emanating from her vagina during the session). Don't know if it was just my perception though. I am quite OCDish about anything so I give a lot of thought to everything. Could have been the smell of the condom. I lack experience so I wouldn't know how condoms smell after sex. I am also told vaginas tend to smell anyway. In both sessions, the condom may have slipped halfway through but never off. The furthest the condom slid away was until maybe up until below the glans at a point when my penis went flaccid and I was trying to get it in. Then again the masseuse told me her vagina never touched my skin.

Should I be worried about any STDs? My OCD is augmenting my worries greatly.

Thank you very much :)
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Congrats on using condoms. :) That's awesome.

It sounds like everything was done correctly, and lots of things about sex has a smell - her vagina, your semen, sweat, condoms - pretty much everything. That's normal.

Vaginas don't smell bad, though. Your genitals have an odor, as well. If anything smells funky, that usually means that an infection is involved, even something as simple as yeast or another fungal infection.

Most CSWs (commercial sex workers) take great steps in protecting themselves. They aren't so much worried about you, but about protecting themselves from you, and their other clients. Their livelihoods depend on it.

STDs like syphilis, HPV and herpes can be transmitted via direct skin to skin contact, and condoms to cover all the skin. Since her vagina didn't touch your skin, you should be fine. It's just something to keep in mind for the future.

Condoms significantly reduce the chances of you getting any STD, and eliminate the risk of gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, HIV and hep B, among others.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have questions, and I hope you're getting help for your OCD.

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Thank you very much @AuntieJessi for your prompt and complete answer. I could not appreciate it more :)

I am debating getting tested. I feel there is no need to get tested since there is no reason to assume I caught anything. It has also been a week and nothing seems unusual (I understand, though, it takes longer for other symptoms to show up if any). Then again, because of my OCD, I feel getting tested may put my mind at ease. But, it would also be super awkward talking to my doctor about this and the nature of what I did.  I thought about doing it discretely but then it is done freely at the clinic and they would know better. The two encounters happened last week. So, next week would be the ideal time to get tested, if I decide to?

Thank you once again :)
I don't see a need for you to test, but if you do decide to test -

Since you used a condom, and the head of your penis was covered at all times, the only thing you'd need to test for is syphilis. You can test for that at 6 weeks. If you get any sores on your penis, see your doctor or go to the clinic as soon as you see that.

You don't have to tell your doctor you had sex with a CSW. You can get an STD from anyone. You should approach protection as if everyone has something, and in reality, that's not too far off. It's estimated that 90% of people will get HPV at least once in their lifetimes. (There's no test for HPV for men.)

If you wanted to test (and you have absolutely no need to) for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU, you can do that next week. HIV is 28 days so long as it's a 4th generation DUO test.

You already have hsv1, so you don't need to test for that. A hsv2 test - I wouldn't recommend this unless you get symptoms, and it would likely be tricky to get in Canada. There's a blood test, but there is a decent chance that you'd get a false positive (test issues, not because of you), which would send you down a months-long spiral of trying to confirm that or get a negative. Also, Canadian doctors aren't fans of the blood test (and I understand that, to a point).

Hang in there.
Thank you @AuntieJessi. I cannot express how thankful I am for your answer and clarifications.

When you say "You already have hsv1", do you mean "you already don't have hsv1"? I was a virgin before these encounters and I do not have any symptoms for it now.

Since I used a condom and there was no exchange of fluids involved (given also that the risk of female to male transmission of HIV during vaginal sex is super low, assuming if it even was present), I absolutely do not need to worry about HIV? I see no reason to get tested for it too, right?

Once again, thank you very much :). I highly appreciate your input and your time

I'm sorry, I must have gotten your story confused with another. In my head, I thought you had said you had cold sores as a kid, but now I don't see that. You don't have had to have sex to get hsv1 - it's not sexually transmitted, unless oral sex is involved. Most people that have it - and about half the adult population has it - got it as children. Most people never get symptoms of it.

In any case, no, you do not have any need to test for HIV. You had no risk for it at all.
Thank you very much @AuntieJessi. I appreciate it.

A small detail I forgot to mention is that they both kissed me on my cheek. Just curious what risks this would pose for HSV1, that is if I don't have it already. They did not appear to have cold sores on their mouth.

Sorry for asking you too many questions. This is the last. I very much appreciate your help with my queries.
Edit: I should also add I never went down on them whatsoever. They gave me oral but with a condom of course.
No risks for cheek kisses, for anything. The skin on your cheek is too thick for anything to penetrate and infect you.

Really, you're okay, and you did everything right. I understand the worry, but all the what ifs aren't going to change anything. :)
Thank you for answering my questions :)
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