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Masturbate on treatment?


Im taking treatment for gonorrhoea and chlamydia (it was a ceftriaxone injection plus single dose of Azithromycin)

I masturbated and ejaculated (I am a male) 5 hours after taking the medication. They said not to have sexual activities for 7 days.

I’m worried I reinfected my urethra with my old infected semen.

Is this possible? Do I need new medicine?
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Nothing to worry about there.  They mean no sex with another person.  
thank you
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100% agree. The concern with no sexual activity is about infecting someone else before you're cured, or getting reinfected by having sex with a partner who may still have it and hasn't been treated, and re-exposing yourself.

Masturbating is fine.
Thank you,

I was worried that I may have reinfected my urethra again with old semen.

Is the medicine I took effective for gonorrhoea? Its been about 2 days now and I still feel light burning sensation, but its less I think. Does the treatment ever fail, and if so, are there other options? I keep reading how gonorrhoea is becoming treatment resistant and some man in the uk had full resistance. Also due to some circumstances I'll have a gap of about a month and a half until I can test for cure, is this fine and safe?

Yes, that's the best treatment for gonorrhea, recommended by all agencies, like the CDC in the US, the NHS in the UK, etc.

It can take several days for symptoms to clear. Even though it's a one-time treatment, it works over time, like you'd be taking a longer course of antibiotics. If your symptoms are much better at 7 days, follow up with your doctor.

Yes, it's fine to wait that long for a test of cure.

Make sure any partners you've had recently - say, last 3 months, are notified, especially if you're going to have sexual contact with them again. (Notify them anyway - untreated gonorrhea can cause serious problems.) Don't have sex (oral, vaginal or anal) for 7 days or until your symptoms are gone, whichever is longer.

You'll be fine. :)
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