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Meds taken, but 10 days later symptoms

I had an unprotected (brief) vaginal exposure around 10 days ago.

I went to a local clinic to get get evaluated and was given 1g of Azithromycin and 400mg of Cefixime as prophylaxis - was not indicated for PEP (HIV).

All was going well until this morning I work up with an burning feeling in my penis head and on 'milking' a creamy colored liquid came out (like thick pre-cum) - is it possible that after 10 days these drugs didnt work for a new STI infection?

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It's possible. Cefixime used to be a recommended medication for gonorrhea, but since 2012, the CDC and other agencies have recommended not using it because of resistance.

A shot of ceftriaxone is now the recommended therapy for gonorrhea.

You should go to the doctor and get checked, but any testing you have done might have false negatives since you were on the antibiotics. Get checked anyway - it may come back positive, and you can ask for ceftriaxone. Show your doctor these:



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Ask them to culture the discharge if they can see it. A urethral swab may be useful here.
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