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Negative Tests but still having symptoms

Hi all

Around 6 weeks ago I visited a sex worker when I had protected intercourse, and unprotected oral sex (contact with my testicles only).

Since then I've experienced a variety of symptoms which started with mild tingling around my testicle region, followed by pain in my groin. These symptoms have now gone, however I'm feeling a slight discomfort around my penis tip after I urinate. It also looks like I'm moist under the foreskin - although I wonder whether it's always been like this and I'm only noticing it now.

I was tested for all common STDs 3 days after the event, and then 5 weeks (this test included a Herpes blood test) after the event - all tests were negative. However I'm still feeling this discomfort after urinating and every now and then the tingling comes back?

The docotor also said one of my white blood cell counts was slightly low - mild lymphopenia, or something like that.

Does anyone have some thoughts on this? I know the negative test after 5 weeks is a good sign, but I'm really struggling to move on with my life. I originally thought the tingling and pain in my groin was a sign of herpes, but now I'm worried that the discomfort at my penis tip and moist area is a sign of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.
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No STD causes symptoms like yours, and not a low WBC count either. They are typical for anxiety over a sexual exposure that you're nervous about. And the standard STD tests are very accurate. On top of all that, you describe a 100% safe sexual exposure that could not have given you any genital infection.

So you can be sure you have no STD or any other infection from the sex worker exposures. Continue to see your doctor if your symptoms don't clear up or you remain concerned. Ask her about the anxiety angle even if she doesn't bring it up herself.
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Thanks for responding, I really appreciate your advice. I think I'll sleep better tonight.

You're spot on about the anxiety thing. I feel incredibly anxious and hypersensitive at the moment and it's starting to wear me down.

I keep thinking things like, "what if the tests were wrong" and "what if the condom broke and I didn't realise". It's just hard to stop worrying I guess.

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