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Odd burning symptoms after sex

So received about 10 seconds of unprotected oral sex (I asked her to let me out a condominium on) and two rounds of protected sex with a new partner.

Two days later I noticed a burning at the end of my urethra and a burning sensation at the base of my penis/sides of my testicles.

Five five days from the initial encounter I was treated with cepiximine (not the best I know) and doxycycline. I was also tested for gonorrhea/chlamydia and they came back negative before the antibiotics and they came back negative.

I have no sores I can see but the burning on my urethra and base of penis is still strong. The burning next to my scrotum comes and goes. It has been 13 days since the initial encounter.

Do you think I can rule out gonorrhea? Could this be herpes? Shouldn’t it go away soon? Is it all in my head? I am really stressed as I sought out the encounter due to relationship issues and now I feel I have royally messed up.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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It's not herpes, you can rule that out.

I'm not sure this is all from 10 seconds of oral sex. The chances of you getting anything from that are really super low. I'm wondering if the timing isn't just really an ugly coincidence.

Have they checked your prostate? Tested your urine for other bacteria or looked for white blood cells?

I'm assuming you mean cefixime, and it's not the best choice for gonorrhea, no, but it might cure gonorrhea if you had it, but your test came back negative. What was the timing of those tests? Did you wait at least 3-5 days after the encounter to test?

One other possibility is that if your regular partner has given you oral sex, and has been sick, you can get that bacteria (or virus) in your urethra. You can get strep, adenovirus (usually causes bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections), etc., from oral sex. That's why testing your urine for everything is important.

You may need a urologist.

Let us know how you're doing.
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