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Oral Gonorrhea Concern

I am a single male who has been bi-curious for as long as I can remember.  Long story short I got drunk and gave oral to a complete stranger (male).  I asked about STI history but that doesn't matter in my eyes, it doesn't mean he was honest.  I gave oral for maybe 10 minutes, probably less.  He ejaculated in his own hand by masturbating, not my mouth.  Not that, that helps much either.  I have never had any sexual contact with a complete stranger before so I’m having a lot of guilt over being careless.  I’m not so much worried about HIV (I know the risk is very low).  I can’t avoid HPV so thats kind of a given for any sexually active person.  I already have HSV1 orally so the chances of me getting oral HSV2 is minimal as well.  My primary concern is oral gonorrhea.  I’m planning to visit my Doc next week for a test and hopefully the antibiotics even if the results aren't immediately available.  I’ve talked to a few of my friends and they all think I’m overreacting.  What are your suggestions?
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You will not get HIV from giving oral sex.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  So, that is not a risk from this situation.  HIV is only transmitted in adults from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  Other std's are concerns though.  Oral gonorrhea is on the rise, for example.  Without any symptoms, you are probably fine but do get tested and let us know.
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Thanks for the response.  I’m going to visit the urgent care Monday.  How long do results typically take?  Will a doc prescribe the antibiotics based on the exposure before results are back?
Following up.  They did a throat swab and went ahead and treated with a shot and some pills I need to take once.  The Doc was pretty funny about it and was like thats not much of a risk but we can treat it if it makes you feel better lol.  
Yeah, I agree with your doc. Oral gonorrhea, while maybe on the rise, is still really uncommon. I don't see a big need to treat you, since there is a lot of resistance to antibiotics, especially with gonorrhea, and the meds he treated you with are one of the very few we have left, and treating people who don't need it is how resistance is created, but I do understand that he had a very anxious patient in front of him. I'm impressed that he treated you correctly - lots of docs don't.

Let us know when you get your results. We don't often get a lot of follow up. :)
Just got the call from the Doc.  It came back negative as you suspected it would.  I won’t lie, thoughts of HIV cross my mind but reading the countless posts here reassures me that it’s just not a possibility.  Thank you for all you guys do!
You're welcome!

Remember that guilt doesn't equal risk, and there's not a lot of reason for guilt here, either. You tried something, and found out that sex with strangers - probably independent of gender - doesn't work for you. That's okay. Now you know. :)
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