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Penile Irritation (Post Yeast Infection)

Here's my story:

About 6 months ago I had unprotected sex with a co worker. About 2 weeks after we had sex I started noticing irritation when I masturbated. It started off mild and slowly got worse the more I masturbated and the more I went surfing (my penis started getting irritated by my wetsuit which has never happened in my 8 years of surfing experience.)  Erections became very painful and the head of penis would crack during an erection!

My first thought of course was that I contracted some sort of STD. Two months go by and I get tested for all the major STDs through urine / blood exams and come up negative. My co worker also got tested and she came back negative. I ended up having a yeast infection (never got tested for it, but had all the symptoms and visually it looked just like other penile yeast infections and was irritated only when left moist and damp.) On top of having unprotected sex with my co worker, I was drinking a lot of beer / alcohol at the time, eating unhealthy, surfing a lot, sacrificing personal hygiene, and smoking cigarettes (which lowered my immune system) - pretty much asking for a yeast infection.

I was prescribed Mupirocin Calcium Cream, Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, and Miconazole Nitrate. I cut down on sugar, beer and stayed out of the ocean to keep my groin dry. I also started taking Pro-biotics to help kill off the yeast in my stomach and could see the dead yeast in my stools. All the symptoms of the yeast infection are gone for good. But when I still masturbate using lotion (which I've used for years), my penis will get slightly irritated and turn reddish around the folds between the shaft and the head.

It's not painful but I'm just confused as to why my penis reacts this way to lotion / friction? Perhaps it's some sort of minor bacterial infection from surfing a lot? Should I be concerned and perhaps consult another doctor?

Note 1: My only other sexual partner in the last 5 years was my ex girlfriend of 4 years who was in fact a virgin when we started dating.

Note 2:  I've had very sensitive skin my whole life - I have to use sensitive deodorant so I don't get arm pit rash. I also have to shave with aloe vera gel because my skin will rash easily from the shaver blade.
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It doesn't sound like anything major but I would follow up with your Dr.
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Did you apply Mupirocin and miconazole nitrate at the same time ?
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