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Penis warts come back after treatment , risk of cancer ?


1 and half years a go I realize a small bump in my penis just under the head , this was after 6 months of relationship and 3 months of unprotected sex , I first thought it to be a scar from very rough sex because I had hurted my penis sometimes having to much sex with my girlfriend. Fast forward 3 months ago I start to notice more bumps in my penis and than I went in a doctor that said it mind me HPV but I need to se a urologist went 1 month ago to urologist and he removed the warts from my penis and said it was Really HPV , I should have returned there but this was a free university hospital which I was treated by the students and it was three girls and one guy who treated me the doctor just look  , honestly it felt very uncomfortable, so I didn’t  return there . 2 weeks ago I realize the warts are returning not so much as before it’s much more litle .

The concern is if they persist the warts there is a risk for cancer in penis ? I read the kind of HPV causing warts is not the same causing cancer but also say all men’s with penis cancer have warts .

Should I go for treatment again I’m in another country now to work and have no much money for
Could I buy something in the pharmacy and remove by myself , they have removed the warts with acid the treatment hurt a lot and still returned .
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Okay, we're talking about your penis here so don't just remove it on your own. I'd personally see a doctor for help with that. There is a lot of junk on the internet about how to do it with home remedies but this is an important and sensitive part of your body. I get being uncomfortable in the university hospital environment.  They do have to learn but it can be awkward so see a regular doctor now for guidance.  Do NOT use regular wart removal products on HPV, it requires things specific to genital warts (which they do sell). Sometimes the warts go away all on their own. In fact, how about this statistic, "More than half of men who are sexually active in the U.S. will have HPV at some time in their life. Often, a man will clear the virus on his own, with no health problems."  That's from WebMD.  https://www.webmd.com/sexual-conditions/hpv-genital-warts/hpv-virus-men#1

As to cancer, the risk is greater for genital and anal cancers with HPV but it is rare still.

If you feel you can't get to a doctor, then what about speaking to the pharmacist in a drug store where you are currently at?  They make products sold specifically for removing HPV warts.  This article has some home remedy ideas (again, I'm always a little hesitant at things like this and am no doctor, would rather a doctor tell me what to do) https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321036.php

There is a section in the WebMD article also about managing relationships if you have HPV. Please read that.  You will want to use condoms to not pass this on to your partners.  Women can get cervical cancer from HPV.  
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Thank you for your answer , i thought about remove with a normal wart remover , using Really tiny amounts . I had previouly more than 10 Warts in the penis , They were Really small and not Really looking like warts more like pumbs  Now after the treatments i look to have 2 or 3 still But Im not so sure If they are like a scar , Do you think is that possible ?

I haven’t had any unprotected sex before my girlfriend   but after 4 months of unprotected sex with her this apperead on my penis , she than did  test and show she don’t have HPV só she says it’s from me , maybe the test don’t recognize all kinds of HPV ?

Don’t you think I could use a normal watt remover in very small amount to remove it or just a specific for genital warts ?

Maybe I go for a doctor soon it sometimes bother me to look it thought they are not so much
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Don't use a regular wart remover on your penis. You'll not be happy. It can cause burning and scarring.

Yes, it's possible to still have the warts or to get new ones after treatment. That's common. It could also be scars, but you should let a doctor check it out.

It's possible that your girlfriend doesn't have active HPV, as the HPV test only finds active virus on the cervix. If she isn't your only partner ever, it's possible that you got this from a previous partner.

The strains that cause warts on the genitals aren't linked to cancer.

Listen, HPV is considered an inevitability of being sexually active today. About 90% of people who are sexually active will get at least 1 strain in their lifetimes, and there are at least 40 strains that affect the genitals. (HPV causes all the warts you get on your body, like plantar warts on your feet, warts on your hands, elbows, etc. There are over 150 strains in total.)

Penile cancers are quite rare, and not something you should overly worry about, but get this checked out.

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