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Please Help Worried

Okay so about 6 weeks ago I would say I revived oral sex from this Girl I met it lasted no longer than 10 seconds because I had to stop it and leave for a emergency I did not ejaculate but now I’m feeling like a burning or itchy kinda feeling on the tip of my penis it comes and goes as well I noticed some small little red dots you can barely see them but if you look closely you can  I have no discharge and when I pee it feels normal nothing looks wrong there I guess my main problem is the itchy and slight burning on the tip and some pain in my testicals not a big pain but like a ache and heavy headaches but that’s probably from the little bit of sleep I get please help I am very worried it can be some type of std please and thanks.
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Oral sex exposes you to syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes. You should test as follows :
-3 weeks after the encounter, for gonorrhea.
-6 weeks after the encounter, for syphilis.
-3 months after the encounter, for herpes.

The burning sensation could be because of the physical action of performing oral sex on you, as it can cause small lesions. Symptoms are rarely used to diagnose STDs as sometimes, they don't sow any symptoms at all. Just follow my advice regarding tests.

All the best.
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Thanks I really appreciate the advice.
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10 seconds of oral sex is unlikely to result in an STD, but you are having symptoms, so you should get seen by a doctor and checked out.

It's also unusual to get symptoms 6 weeks later, but clearly, something is happening, and it's time to get it checked out. Let us know what happens.
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Thank you so much I will & what stds am I looking at here for me If you just took a guess? & Thanks again really appreciate it I been freaking out but the best thing to do is to get checked.
As DragonPulse said, oral sex exposes you to gonorrhea, herpes type 1 and syphilis. He didn't mention NGU, which is an infection in your urethra caused when bacteria enters it. This can happen from normal mouth bacteria.

Your symptoms don't sound like syphilis or herpes, and with just a brief exposure, I wouldn't worry about those. They are more in line with gonorrhea and NGU, but they could also be a prostate infection (possibly by an STD or something else), or a host of other things.

Just go get it checked out. Let us know what happens.
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