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Prostatitis or STI ?

hello! i am  healthy 30 year old male. i had a unprotected oral sex for around 10sec and protected virginal sex.
after few weeks later i start developing irritating penis tip. then i did a Screening for all STD's  ( Urine / Blood / throat  Swab) and all came bake negative. i thought it could be a false results ! so i did a screening again for STD again its came back negative. and  i did a semen test also that came as normal.

now i still have these symptoms!  and its very uncomfortable.

* penis tip irritating
* Sharp pain in lower ab domain ( Quickly comes and goes )
* Back Pain
* Pain in Pelvic area ( Siting for a long time )
* Anus itching & Pain
*Sore throat
* muscle & Joint pain
* Eye pain with Headache
* Dizziness
* Low Semen fluid when i ejaculate

Went to a urologist and he says cloud be prostatis inflamation !
is my symptoms related any form of Prostatitis infection or any other thing ?
Plz reply me !!!

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