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Protected Vaginal sex, worried

I went to a massage parlour in India yesterday and ended up having protected sex (my penis in her vagina). I ejaculated inside the condom and I did not notice any tears on the condom. Also, the condom was on throughout. I’ve read answers to similar questions here but asking for my own situation (maybe for reassurance):
1. What is the risk of HIV?
2. What is the risk of other STDs? Should I get tested? If yes, when is a good time?
3. Although I did not notice any tear on the condom, it is very obvious to see?
4. I didn’t notice her pubic area as the lights were dim and she’d kept a towel on her stomach. Should I be worried about that?
Please let me know. I’ve sworn never to visit these places in future.
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1. Zero
2. As long as all sex is protected, the risk is zero. Did u had oral sex?
3. Yes tear is obvious to see
4. As long as it you didnt touch it, i dont think there is any risk of contracting anything
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No oral sex happened. So can I assume no risk of any STD?
She was on top, so our stomachs or abdomens might’ve touched. But I didnt touch it with my penis (which was in any case covered by condom).
Please let me know in case I should be worried about anything.
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Well since all sex is protected, u had no risk.
Dont need to worry about touching each other abdomen.
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