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Received oral sex, worried about HIV, other STDs

Hello I am a male and I received oral sex from a stripper about 3 months ago. I tested negative for everything including HIV at 5-6 weeks at the hospital so I assume it was all up to date lab testing. Anyways about 4 weeks after exposure I got A terrible cold and my body was aching for a few days. Now my wife(who is 9 months pregnant) has a terrible cold and aches very bad with swollen lymph nodes about 4 weeks after we had sex for the first time after my exposure 4 weeks earlier. I know HIV is tough to get from receiving a blow job but she did have a tongue ring. This has been a major cause of anxiety for me for 3 months now and I'm deathly worried I've passed something to my wife and she will pass it to our baby. So I guess how accurate are all my tests at 5-6 weeks and do I need to be worried or is this all just a coquincidence?
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Hi, you dont need to be worried but testing for herpes would be conclusive at 12 weeks but if she did not have any lip sores at the time your risk would be close zero you contracted it.
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