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Red tip of penis

In March/April I did something stupid and had mutual unprotected oral sex with a female colleague (I'm male). I ejaculated in her mouth. We are both married and it is the first time I've ever been unfaithful. She admitted that it wasn't the first time she had been unfaithful.

In June my wife developed what appeared to be thrush, she had an itch on her vulva and white discharge. She treated it with cream and a pessary and everything returned to normal and she has had no further symptoms.

She told me I needed to treat myself as well as I might have it. Ever since then I've been treating myself on and off with cream and I've taken an internal pill as well and the symptoms keep returning of itchy foreskin. We took a break from sex for a couple of weeks. Immediately after having sex again the problems reoccurred. However in the last couple of weeks just the opening of my urethra is red and sore and since Tuesday morning my lower abdominal area has started to ache. I have no pain when peeing or ejaculating.

I did notice that the cream I had been using quite aggressively at this point contained hydrocortisone and was about six months out of date and have changed it.

I went to the clinic yesterday to get tested for STI's to rule out an infection from the encounter with my colleague. I will not get the results for a couple of weeks.

I am very anxious while waiting or the results and as this week the symptoms have started to get worse.

I appreciate it is hard to pin point what is wrong, but the timeline for most STI's coming out doesn't fit and my symptoms and I've read it is low risk to catch an infection from unprotected oral.

I've seen some information on Prostatis and it matches some of my symptoms as I've also felt constipated this week, but that could be anxiety. I've read it can come from thrush. Is this correct?
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