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Risk about syphilis from oral contamination ?

During massage with a professional female in Paris (I known her for 10 years), I received 2 or 3 times, the last time 6 months ago a short and soft oral from her on my penis (thirty seconds each time not going to ejaculation in her mouth) as well as kissing exchanges with the tongue.
I am not worried about HIV of course but about syphilis which I understood to be "exploding" at the moment.
She is a naturist masseuse of about fifty years-old of French origin and who receives only regulars.
I have contacted her since and she assured me that I did not have any sexually transmitted diseases.
For my part, I noticed nothing on my penis or my throat that could have looked like a sore.
Just a few months ago a button of 4-5 mm on the hard palate (so at the very top) which persisted for 3 weeks
but without ulceration.
My concern about syphilis may be (hopefully) disproportionate.
Is it true that the epidemic mainly affects homo and bisexual men (this is not my case) or the swinger community (I am not a swinger, but I don't know if she is ?)
Please reassure me if you can and sorry again for the bad English style !
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Hi, for the most part from what your describing, any syphilis contraction would appear on your penis not your upper mouth.    You can take a syphilis test if that would ease your mind but what your describing doesnot indicate that you contracted syphilis.
Thank you for your expertise.  I have done today the syphilis blood test, which is negative !
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"Exploding" is a relative term. Yes, it is rising, but this shows you the rise over several years in France - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6386212/#!po=34.3750 So while infections have risen dramatically, it was still less than 1,500 cases in 2016 (the last year I could find stats for - if you're in France, you might have easier access to stats than I did). You can also see the populations that have most of the infections in France.

She gave you oral sex, so if you got syphilis from her, you'd have genital symptoms. Syphilis isn't spread by kissing.

If you are concerned, just get a syphilis test. It's a simple blood test. I'd be surprised if it was positive, though.

Thank you for your expertise.  I have done today the syphilis blood test, which is negative !
Congrats! :)
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