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Risk of infection after group encounter


I am a 28 year old male, and four days ago I found myself in the middle of an unexpected four-some with two transexuals and another man: this is not something I ever did before, and though I am usually sexually active with (normal) women I always use condoms for penetrative intercourse.
In this situation, the two transexuals are friends I know superficially, but enough to know that both of them have tested negative to a full STD screening 3 weeks ago, however I also know that one of them is a full-time escort and is liable to have had contact with several men since, while the other is a part-time escort and full-time hair stylist. There was also another man whom is a friend of theirs and I don't know, but they deemed "Safe".
I only engaged in fellatio with the pre-op girls (gave and recieived), and there was no contact between me and the other man. He did have unprotected anal sex with one of the girls but I didn't touch either of their anuses. I had no anal sex with anyone. They performed fellatio on him as well.
It has been four days now, and in the last couple of days I seem to have come down with something, I have some mild cramps in my abdomen, I feel a bit tired and slightly light headed - a bit like a cold, but with no mucus. My throat is a bit dry, not quite burning. My bowel movements seem normal, I see no unusual discharges nor lesions.
Do you think that these symptoms could be related to my encounter 4 days ago, or is it too soon? I know I am very capable of hypochondria when it comes to sexual slip ups, and the unusual (for me) nature of these partners adds to the anxiety factor.
Also, what would you say are the primary risks I should be concerned about after this? Do you recommend any testing, and if so which tests and when?
I was going have my half-yearly STD screening around October but now that I did this foolish thing I wonder if I should plan any differently.

Thanks in advance for your time and your advice.

John F.
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well unprotected oral is a low low risk for gno, trich, ngu, syphilis and hsv... it is a low risk in general your symptoms sound more like a common cold except for the abdominal cramps. we don't normally recommend testing for this encounter but if you feel that you  have contracted an STD then you sould just get tested
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thanks for your reply. I am not sure wether I feel like I got an STD specifically, but the timing is certainly suspicious... but what STDs should I get tested for? What could those cramps be signalling?
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I have just tested my temperature and I have a slight fever... 37.3ºC (99.14ºF).
I am starting to get very worried, some more insight would be very very helpful.
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well we can't tell you, you'll need testing if you think you got an STD. Also Stress can increase your temperature.
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