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Risk of infection/spreading trich, chlamidia....

Hi forum, hello doctors.

How easily spread is trich, chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis, from male to female during protected (condom) vaginal intercourse?

My female partner is being treated for Bacterial Vagininosis/Trich.  I don't know if she's being specifically tested for either but the antibiotic she is taking is metronidazole, commonly prescribed for Trich.

She and I have had 1 sexual encounter, protected, about a week ago before symptoms began, nothing since.  Before this I had a couple encounters with CSWs, protected vaginal and in one case, unprotected oral (received) before protected vaginal.

From what I have read about Trich specifically, that condoms might not be effective against it but I don't understand how this would work and how I could pass it along.  I have also read it's very unlikely to be spread through oral, my only unprotected exposure.

I also am asking what the likely hood I might be exposed to any STD based on what I have described.

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Since the sex is protected, the overall risk is equivalent to zero. However, like i've said many times, there's no 100% in medicine. It would be prudent of u to go get tested since u had sex
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