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STD Risk Exposure Assessment - Feedback Requested

Background: Weekend 30th and 31st July 2021, had sex with 2 stranger girls - one was prostitute and the other was Tinder, but asking for money. With prostitute only vaginal sex and protected. No kissing, no oral and no anal sex. With the Tinder date - vaginal sex and protected, briefly she did oral on me without condom, lip to lip kissing, I did not do any oral and no anal sex

Also additional points - on both occasions dont remember that there was a condom breakage, it did not disappear, it started to slip on one occasion but penis head was covered and I pulled out penis immediately from Vagina.

On day 4 - I had some symptoms of dry cough and a mild fever, which lasted for a day. The mild dry cough still persists, if some irritation invites the dry cough, but its mild and dry. After 4 weeks, I have tingling feeling in Urethra and left testicle pain. Additionally please note I have varicocele in my left testicle. So its all mixed up and I am not sure.

Request thoughts - what are various risk exposures and what those symptoms can possibly indicate (Very Anxious and scared). Thanks for your reply.
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No risk for STIs protected vaginal sex (if the condom really broke you would have definitely noticed it).
For second exposure, brief unprotected oral posed minimal risks for syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea or chlamydia.
Neither of your symptoms is STI-related. Given that you never developed specific symptoms, your exposure was single and brief, I would say there is not any real risk.
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