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STD Test Results & RingWorm

I have recently noticed that I have been getting this type of rash down there. Not blister-like, no discharges, not itching significantly, no burning. They are what seems to be for the most part circular and peeling skin. I also go to the gym 5x a week and don't always shower right away and have masterbated before showering. Either way I wanted to be safe and get tested because I have never seen anything like this before in that area. I also have developed the same type of "lesions" by my armpit, on the back of my head, above my lip and on the side of my eyebrow.

So I was tested for STDs and everything came back negative but the Herpes I & II lgG Combination Test.

The test came back as a equivocal at a .94 where anything 1.09 would be positive.

Individually the tests for HSV I & HSV II came back Negative(<.91). Is this Possible?

What could cause this? Should I be worried? Is it safe for me and my girlfriend to have unprotected sex? (she was tested and 100% clean)

I also was diagnosed with Ringworm, could this effect the tests at all? Does that throw anything off with certain production of antibodies?

The "Doctor" who I saw has the title of PA sat with me and gave me the results. He is about my age (<30yrs) and said that based on the test results I have herpes, both I & II. He classified that what I was having was a outbreak. He made this diagnosis because one of the lesions had a red spot on it. Personally I think its a scratch from when I peeled the skin.

I am putting this out there because I am obviously questioning how I could come up both negative and equivocal for Herpes as well as questioning the integrity of my doctors opinion and hope to get some professional suggestions or advice from someone with more experience. I am also curious to know if having ringworm could effect the tests at all and if I might have been misdiagnosed. I think either way I will go to a different doctor for a second opinion in the near future but I found some good information on this website before and figured why not ask the community and see if I could get some help with this, thank you.

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I meant to post these test results:

HSV I IgG, <.91 Negative

HSV II IgG, <.91 Negative

HSV IgM I/II, Combination   .94    EQUIVOCAL

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Hi, you are clearly negative for herpes and having ringworm doesnot affect the test.
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Thank you for your feedback.

Are you 100% sure with a .94 equivocal result on the lgM that I have nothing to worry about and can have unprotected sex with a partner who is 100% clean without worry?

What could cause the .94 test result? I value your response and I don't want to offend anyone but just for my own confidence, What is your experience in this field?
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