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STD Test negative still have pain / inflammation

Hello All,
I'm posting here since I am having some trouble. I had protected sex on August 10th (although condom was a little loose). After a day or two I began to get inflammation on the right testicle along with pain, also Pelvic inflammation, also lower abdominal pain, and some slight tingling / burning after peeing (sometimes), also the inflammation would go to the inside of the my thighs. Below I have the dates and medicine I have taken:

August 15th.
I seen a doctor and he gave me Doxy for 10 days. We also did a Urine sample and came back negative. The Doxy helped a little but symptoms remained.

Sept 2nd:
Went back to the doctor and he gave me Cipro which did not help at all.

September 12:
I then went to go see a Urologist and he had a blood analysis requested (test came back negative (HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gon, HSV, etc...) That same day he gave me 2 injections (Gentamicin & Rocephin). He also gave me Uribel & Methylprednisolone. The two injections did help a little bit with the inflammation & Uretha pain and also since I was getting some sharp pains in the right testicle. The pains would wake me up at night. We also scheduled a sonogram of the testicle.

Sept 17th:
Sonogram was ok. nothing found. I started to wonder if I had Trichomoniasis.

September 19th
I went back to the Urologist since I was still having problems. I was as given two injection again (Gentamicin & Rocephin). I also requested Flagyl since I have been doing my own research and connected my symptoms to Tricho. Although I have some symptoms of Chlamydia type STD's / STI. That same day he also stuck his fingers in my anal till I had fluid come out my penis. I believe it is prostate fluid of some sort. BTW that was pretty painful when the fluid came out. He wanted the fluid tested. He did also prescribe me the Flagyl as requested.

Sept 23rd:
My urologist called me and told me that there was some sort of Staph infection found in the fluid. I only got to take the Flagyl for a few days since he called me with the results and told me to stop taking the Flagyl and began to take Rifampin for two weeks. My Urologist believes that the bacteria infection some how infected my prostate.

After doing some research I wanted to see another doctor to perform a swab test. Since I have been reading that that is a very efficient way of determining any bacteria in the Urethra. Although I went to two other doctors and all they could do it a Urine sample and both came back negative. It seems that not to many clinics do a swab test. But I am still searching.

Oct 6th:
My symptoms at the this point are inflammation / tingling at the head of the penis, irritation / aching in the Urethra. Testicle inflammation /tenderness (mainly the right side), Lower abdominal pain. Also at the point I am starting to get pains in my Kidneys, stomach (like Ulcers pain in a way), and stingy pains in the lower abdominal area. Kind of like the bladder and sometimes the appendix area.

Oct 7th:
I visited my urologist again and he gave me another shot of Gentamicin. He told me this could take some time.
Since I didn't finish the Flagyl last time I requested it so I could try it again and give it a shot without any interruptions. He also gave me Rifampin (2x times for two weeks). I am currently taking the Flagyl at the moment. I have a scheduled visit with the Urologist 12th.

If anybody can provide any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I feel its some type of STD/STI since it happen after sex. But my urologist feels its some type of Prostatitis and will take some time. I still have trouble believing that, so that's why I am still wanting to do a Swab Test. I am just trying to scratch every possibly and nail the problem. I know if I have some sort of Tricho it will take two weeks to heal (from what I have read).

BTW this is not the first time I have got burned with a STD/ STI.
Early this year in March I had the same issues after having protected sex. I was given Zithromax (4 pills) & Zinnat (4 pills). After a few days of no relief I was given Doxy. It took about 3-4 weeks but I was feeling back to normal. Although this time I am having serious issues and im starting to get worried.


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Still not a STD risk.
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I see no reason to think this is a STD based on condom use and tests.
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Hello Vance2335.
Appreciate your reply. But the condom did come off at one point. Was going limp & hard thru out the encounter. Even though I did not stick my penis inside her without one. I was using my fingers to play with her Vagina. Then I would touch my penis. Then with the condom coming off an outing it back on I just feel something could have been shared.

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I have no idea what this is. Seems like some type of nasty bacteria infection. I'm still taking the Flagyl at the moment. I will complete with the medicine by midweek. My testicle is still tender. Been thinking about asking the Urologist for a Z pack.

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Hello Vance2335,
After taking the Flagyl I still having the symptoms. My urologist and myself do believe I have some type of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

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