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STD anxiety

So about a year or so ago, I was diagnosed with chlamidya. Me and my boyfriend were both treated but a year later I've developed an anxiety about getting it again.

This time from my sister, who had sex with someone at university.

I'm scared i'll get it off the toilet seat that we shared, or using the same tub of sudocreme, or from public toilets... I'm ruining my life with this anxiety and I'm going to get help, but in the meantime i need some reasurrance.

It is impossible to get an sti without any sexual contact right? I only sleep with my boyfriend of a year or so, we have both been treated and know that we don't have anything, but I'm still scared i'll get something from casual contact.
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Hi, you can only get chlamydia through unprotected vaginal sex not from toilet seats.
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STD can be taken only through sexual act, don't worry
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