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STD risk? Herpes? or not?

Okay, as this site has been really beneficial .. i have to ask one more question that has been bugging me.
2 weeks ago my friends ordered a hooker into their flat, i was there.
I did not had sex or any intimate thing with her because i was really afraid of stds as i have had terrible experiences before.
Well however i couldn't control myself and touched her boobs and thorax region till her pelvic area.
Also i held her hands stroked her hairs and laid with her.
I was wearing a half sleeves t shirt. everything else was covered. she tried stroking my dick from above my pants but then i got up and went outside my friend had sex with her.
All i did was lay down with her while her shirt was off, stroking her hairs, touching her face and body.
Can i get herpes or any other kind of allergic reaction?
Because since then i am having tingling feeling on my body, itching, also i developed some weird looking red bumps with puss on my foot first, then my both thigh and now yesterday night my hand. Also i got it on my upper lip. I did not kissed her or anything. Please dont mock me.
I know it sounds ridiculous as she is also a human being but i am freaking out as i started having these right after i had this experience.
Please get me out of my misery.
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After touching her, did you touch yourself before washing your hands?  Then yes, I think that's certainly possible (and, there need not be an open sores for herpes to be readily transmissible).
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Nothing happens immediately std wise...
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