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STD scare!

I am a heterosexual male. The last time I got tested was 3/20/2021. Since that last test day I’ve been with the same two escortes approximately 3 to 4 times and each encounter was protected oral and vaginal sex. A couple of days ago a female that I started dating said she tested positive for chlamydia.is it possible I gave her this std even tho I had protected intercourse,and the condoms never broke?
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It seems unlikely, but does it matter who had it and gave it to the other? You both were obviously sexually active prior to being together, you're in a new relationship, and if you both didn't test before having sex, it may be impossible to find out now.

Just get tested and get treated, take your meds as directed - it's either a one time dose or a 7 day course of meds, and then either way, do not have sex with anyone at all for 7 days. Don't do it even with condoms, no oral, etc.

Make sure that if you are going to be with this partner again, that she has been treated, and waited 7 days since her treatment to have sex.

It's going to be okay, and remember that no one wins the blame game.
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What AJ said. Mostly likey not but doesnt make a different. We all have lives before new partners. STIs are one of those things and its always good to test when starting a new relationship.

Open up, talk, test and treat :)
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I’m sorry you guys I feel like I explained the whole situation wrong , I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 5 years , I recently gotten tested 4/19/2021 for everything and the results came back negative. My girlfriend recently told me last week she tested positive for chlamydia.I’ve slept with other females but I would always use condoms for everything. I recently gotten tested and my results came back negative again. My girlfriend swears she’s been faithful and haven’t cheated. Idk what to think. Should I get retested , did she have a false positive? Are false positive and negatives a thing ? I need answers :( please help
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Ohhh yeah, that changes things.

How (and why) did she get tested? There can be false positives, but it depends on what kind of test she had done on how likely that is.

When you test, are you waiting at least an hour since your last urination before giving a sample? Are you giving the first part of your urine stream? Have you been on antibiotics recently?

It's tough to say exactly what's happened here, without more info, but yes, false negatives and positives are possible. They aren't common, but definitely possible.
She got tested because she was doing a regular check up at the gyno and they did a swab for her. When I got tested it wasn’t exactly a hour but it was close to it , around 45 to 50 since the last time I used the bathroom , and yes it was first catch . I never been on any antibiotics. I was thinking of getting tested again today and waiting a full hour . Should I ? She’s getting tested again. What are the odds of a swab being negative
The odds of a swab or a urine test being false are low. If you want to test again and wait more than an hour from your last urination to be sure, I think that's fine. If it gives you peace of mind, there's nothing wrong with that.

Do you know the name of the test she had? There are certain ones that are more likely to give a false positives than others.
I don’t know the name of the swab test she got  done . I took a second test and it came back negative, she took the same urine test as me and it came back negative. I’m just really confused. She doing another swab test to be 100% sure .
It sounds like she got a false positive. It happens. The tests are designed to be super sensitive in order to not miss any infections. Sometimes, because they are so sensitive, it can overreact to things that are not chlamydia bacteria and give a false positive. No lab test is 100% accurate. We'd rather they give false positives, then miss infections and leave an infection undiscovered.

Don't overthink this. False positives do happen. See what the swab says.
Thank you  auntiejessi her second result was negative via swab . Thank you for the information
You're welcome. Try to let this go. False positives do happen, and that's what it sounds like here. Good luck.
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