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STD symptoms after exposure

Hello everyone. I had an exposure with an CSW (escort) 1 week ago. It was protected  oral and protected vaginal sex. It lasted 12-13 minutes in different positions. After that I looked to the condom and condom was looking normal. I didnt see a breakge or leakage. But my penis was a litte bit wet. I dont know if it was from the condom or from the escort. The problem is after 2 days from exposure I started to have left groin and left testicale pain. Right now after 7 days from exposure my testicale pain got better but groin pain still persist. Also its a litltle bit worse. Could it be an STD/STI? Im really scared.
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It is unlikely to be an STD if the condom remained intact the whole time, but any new symptoms or pain is worth getting checked out by a doctor. You could have something else going on totally unrelated to the encounter that needs medical attention.

Your penis may have been wet from your ejaculation or the lube on the condom. It's very hard for us to say what happened as we weren't there. Just go get things checked out, and let us know what happens. :)
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Thank you for the answer! Im %100 sure that condom was on my penis it didnt slip or break. And it was always on my penis head. Could any std like gonorhea or chlamydia cause symtoms like this without any discharge or discomfort when urination. Right now I dont have any testicale pain its gone. I only feel like my groin is a little bit hot and it hurts when I walk. But its not like I cant walk at all. I worked out in the gym today and I was fine. And after 6 hours of exposure I already started to feel hot on my left groin. Could any std sti show symptoms that quickly?
By the way the escort gave me the condom. She said Im not doing it without the condom and condom was called one touch latex condom. I dont know that brand but it was latex. I dont know if it makes any different.
STD symptoms wouldn't appear for at least 2 days at the absolute minimum.

If the head of your penis was covered the entire time, you have no risk for gonorrhea or chlamydia (or HIV and a host of others, too).

Could you have injured it somehow during the sex? Twisted somehow? That makes more sense than an STD given the timing.

I dont know maybe I injured it. But my left groin pain turned to left testicale pain after 2 days. And after 4 days my left testicale pain is gone and I only have left groin pain. I dont know whats the problem. I just dont understand how I got an std if i got one.
Also are different sex positions increasing the std/hiv infection risk or condom breakage risk? Because my exposure lasted 10-15 minutes in different positions and we had sex with the same condom.
No, different positions don't increase or decrease risk. Different activities can, like vaginal sex vs anal sex, especially without a condom, but positions don't.

We can keep going over hypothetical questions, or you can go see a doctor who can examine you and do testing. If this is an STD, it's not from this encounter. You used a condom and the symptom timeline doesn't match up.

Thank you for the answer and sorry for the stupid question. So it cant be an std beacuse after my last exposure (not this one) I got tested for all stds after 3 months. Everything was negative. My groin pain is a litte bit better today. I think its just some muscle problem or something else. Thank you again.
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