Hi Doctor, I was exposed to a unprocted Oral sex for 10 seconds I did not ejaculate inside and it was not deep inside. This happened one month ago but recently I got itching in between my scrotum and anus and i scratches it it became a bump it was painful for a day it broke on its own and healed I have also had mild pain on the head of my penis. No pain while urinatiom , no discharge , no fever or lump nodes. My question is have contracts to any STD bit worried. The girl
also told that she is clean and has no any sickness.I did not find any cold sore or beeding in her mouth. Please help
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Hi what your describing are not std symptoms and also what your describing is very low risk anyway. Symptoms would be white puss penis discharge, burning while urinating or genital blisters that would appear about 2 weeks later. Test only if you have a long term partner.
Hi I did not have any discharge or white puss , no genetal blisters , no fever, no burning while urinating moreover i did not see any cut or blisters in the women’s mouth please advise
Advise what?
Am I safe or should I do a test
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