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STDs orally that cause headaches

Having constant headaches, some fatigue, neck pain, cough with phlegm after one instance of oral sex. Doctor Gave me amoxicilian 850 mgs for ten days but still having some issue from it...any info would be appreciated.
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I should add That this was about 4 weeks ago, had a sore throat after, followed by the cough but tool antibiotics for 10 days. Doctor didn't much look at it, just gave me the prescription.
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Did you give or receive the oral sex?

If you received it, any infection you got would cause genital symptoms. If you gave, you could have oral symptoms, but there isn't an STD that gives you symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. You should go back to your doctor as the antibiotic didn't work.

Did you kiss this person? You could have gotten the flu, any number of respiratory infections, strep throat, mono/glandular fever - it's a long and varied list.

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Gave,it could be viral I guess since meds didn't work
Or it could be that the antibiotic that you were on was the incorrect one.

It's been at least 10 days that you've had it, and no improvement from the antibiotic. You need to follow up with your doctor.
Yeah basically asking if any STDs cause similar symptoms to respitpry infection? So no?
Plus the headaches and my hands sometimes hurt, but that could be anxiety.
Wondering about Syphilis based on throat and cough, headaches but I don't know much about it.
Syphilis would give you a painless sore. That's it. In later stages, which you can't have hit yet based on timing, you'd have other symptoms, but those would come a lot later.

If you had an STD from giving oral, the symptoms you could have are a sore throat or a sore. If you're concerned about syphilis, get tested. You should wait until you've been off the antibiotics for a couple of weeks to make sure you don't get a false negative because of the antibiotics, but you should address the upper respiratory infection first.

Giving oral only puts you at risk for syphilis orally and oral gonorrhea. A throat culture will find gonorrhea, but again, you should wait until you're off the antibiotics for a couple of weeks. It wouldn't give you upper respiratory symptoms.

Is there a possibility your house has mold, or you're experiencing an allergy to something? A sinus infection? You really need to follow up with your doctor.
Thank you. This is really great advice, syphilis isn't something Ive seen much on but I did have a sore throat intiiqlly which evolved into the lung/cough issues
I will go and get tested soon but it could be a sinus or resperitory issue. Gonorrhea can't like get worse over a month and cause those symptoms?
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Would amoxicilian knock out anything bacterial that would be causing the headaches? I have some joint pain too, it's been a month since exposure.
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If you're thinking disseminated gonorrhea, it's not likely. Even if you have gonorrhea, the amox would have slowed the growth of that enough, while not curing it, so it wouldn't be spreading through your body. Since it's only been a month, it would be unlikely that it would get to that point, even without the amox.

Did you give oral to a penis or vagina? If it was a vagina, it's less likely that you'd get an infection in your throat. If you give oral to a penis, the penis is in your throat, or close to it, giving the pathogen a better chance to enter your throat and take hold, so to speak.

Gonorrhea and syphilis still aren't as common as other STDs, like chlamydia or HPV, so I still think you should focus on other causes, like sinus infection, other upper respiratory infections - it is the season, mold or other allergy issues, etc.  
Oh and are you in a location where you've had to turn your heat on? Have you had your furnace cleaned or changed any filters? It could be blowing all kinds of crap out.
This is good information. The whole disemmenited thing got me bc it says over time but doesn't give how long it would take. It's been one month since exposure, oral on a man.

I did the full amox treatment and throat stuff went away but not the other stuff. I was afraid that it wouldn't be enough antibiotics. The doctor didn't diagnose anything but said if bacterial the amox should solve it.

I've been traveling a lot 5 States this month so could be something else but the timing was like right after.

The other involved party said he is going for his regular 6 month tommorow so I'll see what he says. Can't trust it but...we'll see...
You can trust it if you ask to see his results, right, and offer to do the same for him?

Amox is broad spectrum, meaning it treats a lot of things, but it doesn't treat everything. There are several other antibiotics that can treat URIs.
Got it. I guess I figured that out after. I just though amox would do the trick for most things but might not be the case.

Can I trust that? I've offered the same to him and I have my regular in December. Guess I can, we've been talking daily now so don't think he would lie or fake it somehow...
Can you trust what? His results?

You can if you see them physically, either in person or a scanned or photo image of them. They're pretty hard to fake. If you don't trust him enough to not give you genuine results, you shouldn't put your health in his hands. Test results won't just say, "Gonorrhea - negative. Syphilis - negative", etc. They usually have the actual test name on it, say things like "non-reactive" instead of "negative".

Ok I hopefully can trust him and will look and check. I'll have to do some research on what to expect or check.

Ultimately my health is mine and I will test but might have to wait a bit.

I know they say HIV orally is difficult to transmit but I feel like I need to check that too even though we didn't discuss here.
HIV is not transmitted orally. We have an HIV Prevention forum that you can visit and read the endless questions about oral sex and HIV - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV-Prevention/show/79
Ok thank you. Still having the headaches so we'll see, he got tested today and will send when back from the lab, imagine it'll be 2-3 days.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate talking to another human about this.
Regardless of what he has, you need to see your doctor for your symptoms, especially if you're still coughing, etc.

If you need help verifying his results, we can help with that.
You rock, I will let you know. Thank you.
You're welcome. :)
One question, the back of my head and down my neck are hurting so so bad today. Anything that would do that?

I hope it's just anxiety but it's killing me.
Nothing related to an STD would cause that.

Have you followed up with your doctor?

It could be tension headaches/migraines, which aren't actually caused by stress/tension, but by the muscles in your neck tightening. You could have a spinal cord issue, like an inflamed disc, or any number of things, some more serious. I really think you need to follow up with your doctor promptly.

Does anything relieve it? I get migraines a lot, and could give you tips for treating headaches, but not knowing what's causing them, I don't want to suggest you try something and make it worse.

Severe pain is always an indicator that something is wrong. I know you are stressed and dealing with anxiety, but you need to rule out a physical cause. It's been a month, right?
Yes, it's been a month since exposure and 3 weeks since I saw my doctor.

I appreciate your feedback here, I really do. I'm not getting a ton of relief from anything right now, Advil helps but taking quite a bit of it to help/ be effective.

I'm currently traveling for another week but I'll follow up with my doctor then.

I was almost hoping anxiety rather than a physical cause but I'll have to get it checked either way.
Okay, some tips for traveling -

If the pain ever suddenly gets very intense, or feels like someone is hitting you in the back of your head with a baseball bat, get to an emergency room IMMEDIATELY. It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing - getting to an ER could be life or death.

Get some Icy Hot spray, or Bio Freeze spray. (Both work the same, BioFreeze doesn't smell.) Spray it on the back of your neck and at the hairline. This helps relieve a lot of tension headaches. (If this doesn't work for you, seriously consider getting checked as soon as you get home.)

Try excedrin migraine (if you're able to take aspirin or caffeine) instead of advil. Advil works for a lot of people, but not for everyone.

Sometimes a heating pad works, sometimes ice does. I don't know what's causing yours, so I'm not suggesting either.

I am not a doctor, and am not playing one online. These are things that work for me. I really, really wish you'd make time to get this checked out. Have I stressed that enough yet? :)
I think you've stressed that plenty and I will but I will definitely, definitely give this a try until then, especially the icy hot and Excedrin.  It can't hurt but it was reassuring to hear that STDs don't give such symptoms.

I will make an appointment when I get home next week to get checked out but thank you, thank you, thank you for this advice. It's invaluable.
You're welcome, and please let me know how you're doing. :)
I'm feeling a bit better to be honest. I think this has helped. I still have some congestion and coughing and headaches, esp in the sides of my head and at the base of my skull but I feel better in general.

The headaches i can't really get rid of and they seem to come and go but hopefully they will subside.

How long would a STI test or blood test typically take to come back? Similar to a CBC time? Just haven't heard anything on that front and nervous.
Yes, it depends on the lab, and how they report it - these days, most do it electronically, and the tests themselves don't take long to run. If there's back up at the lab, it may take longer.

When did you test?

And when do you get home? Have you already called and made an appt with your doc for the follow up? It's been a month or so and you aren't feeling better? Just call already, or find an urgent care wherever you are. You'll end up with pneumonia soon.
Ok I was trying to wait till I get home. I feel a little better but the cough is lingering on with phlegm but less, the headache is still there.

I'll wait 1-2 more days and go to an urgent care here.

For the test, my friend got tested and just said all good but I still have to do it, but based on this thread, I'm thinking maybe not an STI and something else. He also didn't test for HIV, no idea why not. I know what you said in that but, I still think it's advisable to do that in this world so I guess I provided some advice today too hah.
Okay, I'm going to assume that you have a reason to wait another day or two to go to urgent care and not nag you again. For now. :)

HIV isn't a risk from oral sex. I can't speak to why he didn't test - seems like he would have unless he's tested recently, or he only has oral sex and knows that it's not a risk, I don't know.

Just feel better. :)
Right, he said he didn't but I know he does other things more risky...not a lot but he just indicated as such.

Anyways, yes, I have to wait 1-2 more days bc schedule but I will let you know! I again, am so so appreciative. I feel like I'm on an island here and not feeling good or good about myself and this has helped.
I'm glad to have helped, even though I haven't done much other than nag you a lot. :)

No reason to feel badly about yourself. You had a sexual encounter - no reason for shame about that. I'm assuming your an adult, and consented (if you didn't, I have resources for that, too).

You got sick after, which isn't helping anything. Most people get tired and cranky and a little depressed when they feel like crap, especially when it lingers. That's normal. You're still working and traveling all over the place, making yourself even more tired. Add a headache that won't go away, and yeah, I get it.

Just no shame, okay?
Nah, don't say that, you have helped so much. I have not only being sick going on but a lot of depression over this.

It was consentual, just not something I typically do and that plus this sickness, plus traveling has been a painful experience but have learned a lot from it.

On the bright side, I feel slightly better today than I have felt in a while, not completely, but in the right direction at least. Cough/mucus are down and headache is less intense. Hoping this continues and maybe can put this behind me.
Oh I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I hope this doesn't mean you aren't going to go back to the doctor though lol. ;)

I don't know what's different about this encounter for you - and don't need to know - but experiences teach us things. Even if you come out of this with nothing but more knowledge of STDs (and headaches), you'll have learned something you can carry with you that may help you or someone else later.

Would you shame your best friend over the same thing? I'd guess no. Don't do it to yourself.
No I totally agree. I'm still going to see my doctor, I actually go twice per year so I'm Ok with that part, I just wanted to feel better.

I agree too that I have to learn from this and use it. This has not be a fun experience and I'd not want to be here again.
Okay, let's remember that what you have been sick with isn't related to the oral sex. It sucks that the timing is so close together, but you also travel a lot - I'm guessing at least sometimes in planes which are just germ factories - and it's cold and flu season.

It put some fear into you because of the timing, which is understandable, but there is no STD that causes these symptoms.
That puts my mind more at ease which I don't think has helped anything either... Thank you again(!).
Oh I haven't been on you to get back to the doctor because I think you have an STD that needs treatment. I'm concerned that you have an upper respiratory infection that is going to turn into pneumonia and really make you sick. I'm concerned about your headaches being more serious (but that's my issue - I lost a young cousin to a missed  malignant brain tumor that led to some weird complications, so now I'm all about people getting their persistent headaches checked out).

I'm not at all concerned that you have an STD. I'd be very surprised if you did.
Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm feeling better today as far as congestion and cough but the headaches are still very persistent so I'm going to go to the doctor, I head home tomorrow.

Hopefully this is not serious but never had headaches like this before. I'm gonna try and get in there tomorrow or Friday.
I hope it isn't either. Please let me know. :)
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